Show me the money!

In my more determined quest for personal financial success, my rugby team’s financial success isn’t far behind.

And as I just walked into the hallway to recycle another Diet Mt. Dew can, because we all know I’m an addict, I thought “Why don’t I recycle these for money?”

So I googled it and found this page … which could be a great way to fundraise for any team out there full of fellow can-drinkers. Like the next time you socialize, save the cans!

The Great Aluminum Can RoundUp is an easy and fun way to earn funds for your group while doing something to help the environment. Your RoundUp will turn aluminum cans into cash and at the same time reduce litter and solid waste in your community, save energy and conserve natural resources.

America’s aluminum can recycling industry includes a national network of more than 10,000 locations that pay for empty aluminum beverage cans. That means it’s easy and convenient to RoundUp cans for cash. A RoundUp can be conducted at any time, in any community, requiring nothing more than time, creativity and motivation. There is nothing to sell, except the idea of saving and recycling aluminum cans.

The most important elements in your RoundUp will be the students in your school or the members of your organization, their families and the community. So, you’re already on your way!

Starting your RoundUp is as easy as 1-2-3:

1. Once you’ve decided to conduct a RoundUp, you must rally your group to recruit participation from family and friends.

2. Set a goal and determine the amount of money you want to earn.

3. Contact several local recycling centers (look in the yellow pages, call a local soft drink bottler or beer distributor, or call a local state recycling coordinator) to determine their hours of operation, what they pay for aluminum cans and whether they prefer the cans to be crushed. Also, check on the availability of special rates for non-profit groups and whether the center has a pick-up program.

That’s it. You are ready to RoundUp!

I thought about doing this just at my house, but now I’m definitely thinking of this for my own team. Every penny counts! And you can help the Earth too!

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