PF Blog Link Update

A few new links to add to my list of Personal Financial Blogs. Here are a few I find through other’s link lists …

Get Rich Slowly

The Simple Dollar

Climbing Out of Debt

And fellow rugger Jenna e-mailed me with some financial blogs that she loves …

Seeking Alpha – Markets & Trading

I Will Teach You To Be Rich – Jenna describes:

“great one by a YOUNG entrepreneur who preaches the market basics and give you the common basic step to attaining financial security. The one thing to note is that significant research has been done on how women vs men view financial security and the results glaringly point to the fact that because of our nature and the need we have to “take care of everything” – women VERY RARELY consider themselves financially secure, especially if they aren’t married. While this premise seems a little old school – it still proves true.

The Conglomerate – Politics & the Economy

Greg Mankiw’s Blog – Harvard Econ Professor … he’s gotta be pretty smart, huh? 😉

Thanks Jenna! And a thank you to Derek for the e-mail this morning about his financial advisor. Good stuff!


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One response to “PF Blog Link Update

  1. K.C. Jones

    Hey Blondie –
    Thanks for the add!
    Glad you enjoy the site.


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