Want to play varsity rugby in Vermont?

A new comment today on an old post about the men’s and women’s rugby clubs at Southern Vermont College becoming varsity.

It seems that the school administration is considering taking away their varsity-status …


I am the coach that Southern Vermont College hired for the Men’s and Women’s rugby programs. Unfortunately, a lot has gone on since they decided to make the sport varsity. First, we have gotten a new President (who is not necessarily a supporter of rugby) of the college, and Jason Bolgos, the one who pushed for the sport to be varsity, has resigned. The program is now in danger of going back to club. The guys and girls both have worked hard, kept their grades up, stayed out of trouble, and had some success on the field. But unfortunately, the college is looking at the kids as dollars and not students. The only way the program will be around next year at the varsity level, is if I bring in a large number of recruits. I have been working hard, but having limited success. If you or any of your readers know of any girls who have played or not and would like to play rugby at the varsity level, please have them email me and I can get them a free application. They can go to the SVC website http://www.svc.edu and click on athletics (see here) to find my email. Please help us keep the program varsity. Thank you for your help.


So spread the word and help out one of our teams.

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