Rugby Bits & Bites

I just came to the full realization that I don’t have any Diet Dew and I don’t think I have the change on me to purchase one.

Panic is setting in … just ignore that though. Nothing to see here folks, move along.

Rugby Magazine updated for the month: Women’s player profile on Teena Mastrangelo, an interview with new USA Rugby CEO Nigel Melville, and an opinion piece on the success of the USA 7s (which I believe many of you have said is debatable).

• Speaking of Teena, USA Rugby 7s National Coach Julie McCoy picked her team for the Hong Kong 7s:

Phaidra Knight, NY
Amy Daniels, Beantown
Alison Price, NY
Ines Rodriguez, Keystone
Christy Ringgenberg, Minnesota
Ellie Karvoski, Little Rock
Jen Starkey, NOVA
Teena Maestrangelo, Chicago
Yancy Graf, Beantown
Jo Ward, Albany

Head Coach: Julie McCoy
Asst Coach: Chris Ryan
Manager: Sadeana Green
Physio: Beet McKinnon
Program Administrator: Chris Franz
Staff Coaches: Mark Santiago, Sheri Hunt, Drew Fautley

More info here.

• This was just too timely to not include, but “Twenty Ways to Kill a Rugby Team” from Wes Clark’s Rugby Reader’s Review.

• I was playing around one day on Wikipedia and found that several sports teams in our city had added themselves to the Wikipedia page on Madison. And also had their own pages. So I added our rugby teams and also added a page for my own team. You can do it too, you just need to make sure it’s all factual/objective, not subjective or opinion.

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