"Isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?"

Some of my favorite books when I was growing up were the Anne of Green Gables series. I loved the movies and my mom bought me the entire box set of books by Lucy Maud Montgomery chronicling Anne growing up from a child to an adult.

I saw someone use this quote the other day in an interview and it reminded me how much I loved those books, probably because I identified with the main character so much in her daily adventures and trying to figure out life. Looking back, I still identify.

Anne asks Marilla, the older woman who adopts her, this question in the one of the first books. And I just think its a great way to look at a new day.

Anyway, thank you for the comments and e-mails from fellow rugby administrators on juggling challenges on your teams. I will admit I was pretty pissed off yesterday, but in fairness to my former teammate who “lit the fuse”, before she quit our team due to our recent disagreement, she was one of those players that always stepped up when she had time, was dependable and committed. Our issue was a disagreement over what we believe is the appropriate way to provide feedback to your teammates. So this was just a final straw, and my venting post was not directed at her or any other individual person. Just life in general. I think that is an important distinction. I’m sure I’ll hear about it anyway, but oh well.

So … thank god it’s Friday. Busy day of work, then I need to get home and dig out all of my rugby gear that’s buried in my closet, including all of my under armour and layers of warm clothes. We have Whiskey 10s tomorrow in Chicago! I also need to find the battery charger for my camera. Hopefully it will be a good weekend. We have a lot of less experienced players joining us, so it should be good to play in a tournament like this with mixed levels of competition for them.

My only concern, beyond the sure to be muddy/snowy fields, is that my inhaler just ran dry last week. And since I barely use it outside of rugby, my prescription is expired. I’ll likely be sucking wind tomorrow and I’m none too happy about that. I’m going to try and call my doctor’s office today and see if they can call one in for me, but I’m not sure how well that will work.

Oh well …

In better news … my boyfriend and I have a one-year anniversary of sorts this weekend. A long story, but still something to celebrate. Fun. 🙂


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