Got some, dirt on my shoulder, could you brush it off for me?

You gotta get, that, dirt off your shoulder …

(Are you singing now too? You should be …)

It’s Friday. Friday, Friday, Friiiiii-daaayyyyyyyy.

And although I don’t have any real time to relax and do my own thing this weekend, Fridays are always good. And you know who else is good? Wonder Woman!

Good news too. The Monkey Bar workout last night did not kill me. Obviously … because I don’t think ghosts can type. It did however nearly maim me. Okay, maim is kind of harsh. Punish me. Yes, punish is spot on.

Deck of cards workout again, an exercise for every suit and number on the cards. Lots of groans this time because somebody didn’t shuffle the cards very well and whenever you have too many cards of one suit together, it all sums up. I remember bouts of 37 downdog/hindus and 41 lunges, in amongst the 104 of each of the body rows, lunges, downdog/hindus and around-the-worlds.

Everyone knows what lunges are, but the downdogs are a shoulder press in the downdog position from yoga (I think), while hindus (which I don’t do yet) are like a flying dippy pushup thing. You start back and rolling yourself down and forward and then back to where you started, if that makes sense. I enjoy watching my boyfriend do these, I’ll admit it. πŸ˜‰

Body rows are like pullups, but instead of using your arms, you are actually using your core to lift you so that your hips and shoulders come up together in the row up. Your arms just hang on to the bar/rings.

Around-the-worlds are planks but you have to lift each of your hands and feet in order (hand, hand, foot, foot) for one “around the world”. I started with the arounds, but switched to touchbacks halfway through as I got more tired. So same thing, but you are just reaching back with each hand to touch your hips while still holding your plank. And remember to keep your hips down and head up.

All of these are guaranteed to kick your ass. And it hasn’t happened yet, but I’m fairly sure tomorrow my quads will be crying from all those damn lunges. *sniffle*

Gotta get off this damn machine now, but some updates via my e-mail though before I head outta here …

β€’ New Blogger Alert!! Lee in California at Elegant Violence! Welcome to the ruckosphere. We’re like a little snowflake rolling down a hill … eventually starting an avalanche. A rugby blog-alanche.

β€’ AnneMarie from Ithaca wanted to pass on that the Cornell Women have a new updated website – Fabulous!

β€’ Kori from the Hartford Roses e-mailed me and asked about the chili cookoff fundraiser that my team is going to have (which reminds me that we need to get our butts in gear and plan this!).

The plan – so far – is that we promote our cookoff and it’s open to anyone who wants to make some chili. Chili cookers enter a contest for a small fee ($5) and compete against each other. We host the cookoff, provide chili accompaniments and drinks, utensils, bowls, etc. Tasters pay ($10-20) to try all the chili and beer/soda they can eat/drink for a set amount of time, say 2-3 hours. Tickets are given to each taster, who then after trying all the chili, puts their ticket in the jar of their favorite chili. Most tickets in your jar wins prizes. Everyone has fun, our team makes money as a fundraiser.

Since we never had this fundraiser before, I don’t know that this is how it will actually work out. But really, can you go wrong with chili and beer? Nope, you can’t!

β€’ Final reminder … if you’re in Milwaukee, join us at the Sin Bin Bar on 39th & National Saturday night starting at 8 p.m. My teammates and I will be bartending and fundraising for our challenge match trip to Seattle!! I will obviously be the blonde one. πŸ™‚

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4 responses to “Got some, dirt on my shoulder, could you brush it off for me?

  1. Anonymous

    I know that I would likely complain after doing your “monkey” workout but I just have to say that reading about it makes me jealous. I don’t have anyone to kick my ass but myself. Our coach does a good job at practices but on non rugby days it’s me and the gym or I run with a friend. So just remember next time you ache or want to complain there is someone in New York how would love the opportunity to complain about a workout like yours.
    jennie ‘thehammer’

  2. Blondie

    Jennie … it’s funny b/c all the workouts in these classes are very easy to do by yourself, since it’s mainly either your own body’s resistance or something like a medicine ball or a weighted ball with a handle. But the class element and doing it with your teammates adds some extra element that makes you want to suffer through it. Same thing when our trainer makes us run stairs at a local parking ramp. I would never make myself do this … which I guess is why I’m willing to fork out $15 a week for the two classes.

    You might want to consider checking into some small local gyms in your area for team workouts like this though. We just started checking various gyms, found a place that wanted to promote to more teams and they gave us a good deal. In turn, a lot of our players/alums have signed up as members.

  3. Anonymous

    So the $15 per week equates to a gym membership? so for example you can show up there at other times as well?
    Did you have to sign up for a huge contract, ect? Or can you just pay for it in the pre season?


  4. mutantin

    interesting. i just pay the gym thats nearest to my home aroeund 40eu a month for using their facilities. they told me theyd get a pilates trainer and there’s none, they play tecno music all the time and i’ve never seen a trainer since i signed up, but it’s 5 minutes from home. and unlike to your country, that matters.
    if i don’t drop by naturally, i won’t go.

    i tried the hindu squat, it’s great!!!

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