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Fridays Require Rockin’



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Mmmmmm … Chili!

Final plug … help send us to Seattle!

What: Wisconsin Women’s Rugby Chili Cookoff Fundraiser
Why: Help Send the WWRFC to our USA Rugby Challenge Match in Seattle!
When: Sunday, April 1 — 1:30 – 4:30 p.m.
Where: At Wilson’s Bar & Grill, 2144 Atwood Ave., Madison
Costs: $15 – Soda, Beer and all the Chili You Can Eat!
Chili Cooks: $5 entry fee, prizes for best chili, beer/soda included
Questions or Donations? Contact us at ww_rfc@yahoo. com
Thanks: WWRFC is proud to be supported by Michelob Ultra, Wilson’s Bar & Grill and the Monkey Bar Gym
More Info on the Team:,

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Rugby Bits & Bites … Like Totally Out of Control

• The U-19 Eagle Women are on their UK tour. I hope you’ve been following all the young Eagle action here at the U-19 Women’s Rugby Blog.

They lost a tough match to England (but scared the Brits) and will play Wales today and Canada on Sunday. Via eRugbyNews (subscription needed, see related item below):

“I don’t think anyone expected us to be leading after 22 minutes,” head coach Bryn Chivers told ERugbyNews. “It was certainly an improvement for us, and what was interesting was the areas where we did well. Our scrum probably came out on top. The referee allowed a little leeway on the wheeling and the drive, and that allowed both teams to really go after each other. There was a fair amount of give and take, and it was really interesting to see.”

• According to, the USA Women’s 7s Eagles won all three of their matches today at the Hong Kong 7s. They’ll play Australia tomorrow. More details coming on the Eagles site …

• Dan at Wisconsin U-19 Girls Rugby discusses high school girls rugby becoming a varsity sport and what that could mean for club teams. Do we follow the traditional high school model or follow soccer’s model of HS teams and club teams? Does this help us achieve NCAA varsity status faster?

• Have you tried to visit Goff lately? If so, you’ve seen that he’s officially moved into the new eRugbyNews format. I checked and my subscription still works (I had hoped maybe a new format meant free news … but alas, no). Oh well … he’s still the top US rugby news guy out there and does a decent job finding interesting angles for his stories. And he doesn’t refer to the women’s national teams as the “Lady Eagles” either …

• Something to share with your teams … a video demonstrating the new scrum engagement cadence:

• I’m listening to Pete Yorn right now, via a recommendation from The Bubble, in our ruckosphere. R – I’m listening to it on repeat too. I liked his record from a while back.

• Put Me In Coach is back blogging! Two good posts on improving lineouts and pre-game warmups.

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"We spanked their ass."

I found this article today from The Eastern Progess Online, a student newspaper at Eastern Kentucky University. The quotes slay me … I laughed out loud.

Club Sports: Rugby romps at Nash Bash
Havanna Hagans
Issue date: 3/29/07 Section: Sports
Eastern’s rugby teams traveled to Nashville, Tenn. for the Nash Bash Tournament over the weekend and returned with some victories and lessons learned.

The Colonels arrived at the tournament on Friday and played their first match Saturday.

The women’s team whipped Indiana Bayside in the first game 57-0.

“We spanked their ass. It was such an ego boost,” Felicia Quinn said.

Heading into the game against Michigan, Quinn said the Wolverines acted as if a victory over Eastern would be automatic and that is what made it even better when the Colonels prevailed.

“That was a truly amazing game because the rucks were amazing, the communication was like out of control,” Quinn said. “We were being tricksters that game.”

Sunday’s 9 a.m. game against the University of Miami Ohio was the lost link in the weekend.

The Redhawks, according to Quinn, were high tackling, elbowing and taking cheap shots at the Colonels.

The loss to Miami didn’t completely wipe the Colonels out for the weekend. Some of the players played for other teams just to gain experience and test out the different styles of other teams.

Quinn said one of the players from Indiana told her on the sideline, “Everyone is sayin’ how bangin’ you guys are. Everyone has been sayin’ you are a force to be reckoned with.”

“The Nash Bash was a great experience because for people who haven’t had a chance to see other people play, the age range and variety of styles in the teams across the United States was an eye opener,” Quinn said.

The team is currently trying to raise money to travel to another tournament in Ohio at the end of April.

The next scheduled home match is not until the Colonels host Marshall in April.

I too am a bangin’ trickster!

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Revisiting Trans Players

Remember our huge discussion of transgender players in women’s rugby last september? You can see it (and related posts) here.

I’m bringing it back today because I received the following comment on the original post …

Hi y’all Kate Jr here…

Sorry I didn’t know about this thread last year, I was playing rugby, and not doing all that much surfing. I think someone on the team mentioned it, but I was probably recovering from a nasty tackle or something around that time in Sept.

For those of you who don’t know me I am a very proud member of the Washington Furies, a new Referee for the PSRFR (just passed the test last week…yay!) and a former (but proud) member of the Austin Valkyries. I support USA Women’s Rugby at every opportunity.

I AM a MTF rugger, and have played with and partied with MANY of you over the past 4-5 years at any of a dozen-or-so tournaments or development weekends.

Here are THE official rules…and if anyone needs to know more they can contact me.

1) USA Rugby follows the USOC and IRB follows the IOC (the US and International Olympic Committee) on eligibility for transsexual athletes.

2) USOC defers to the IOC for it’s rules

3) The IOC ruled on May 17th, 2004 that transsexual athletes must meet the following 3 requirements to participate in the athletics they govern. All athletics follow the same guideline.

a) The athlete must have legally changed their gender, and it must be recognized by their country’s government (i.e. change to the legal docs like passports, social security and the like to go from ‘M’ to ‘F’)

b) The athlete must have completed sexual reassignment surgery, and have a letter from their doctor to support this fact.

c) The athlete must complete two years of post-operative hormone replacement therapy under medical supervision.

4) USA Rugby requires the following in order for the athlete to participate:

a) The athlete must provide proof of legal gender change (copy of drivers license, passport, or other such documents should suffice)

b) The athlete must provide proof of completed SRS (I sent my doctors letter as certification)

c) The athlete must wait until at least the 2nd anniversary of their SRS date to participate in Rugby under their reassigned-gender.

5) Once the requirements are met, there are NO LIMITATIONS on the events the athlete may participate in. Once eligible, they may progress to any level of play…It is worthy to note that there are players at the international level on southern hemisphere teams who have completed this process.

Unfortunately, due to various physiological reasons it is not possible for pre-op athletes of either birth gender to play in their selected gender do to advantages/disadvantages gained via the primary sex hormones.

If you need to know anything else, just ask. I am always willing to help respectful ruggers understand the process, and the reasoning behind the IOC decision.

Kate Jr

I thought this was informative and wanted to share it with you. Further thoughts?

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Hong Kong 7s

WomenEagles is featuring tour diaries by Yancy Graf and Amy Daniels during the Hong Kong 7s this week.

Great to see even more Eagle news on the site!

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Sunday morning, I woke up pretty early and our entire neighborhood was shrouded in fog.

Like a cloud had fallen out of the sky and decided to sit there and rest for a while.

I ate some cereal and decided to take a walk out in the fog, because it was still pretty warm out and I hoped a walk would energize me for the rest of the day.

Now living with my sister, we’re only a block off of one of my city’s major lakes. Our apartment is the second floor of a converted 1950s gas station. Most of the houses in the area are old brick or wooden victorian-era homes and the people who live in this neighborhood are a very eclectic mix of artists, professionals, students and lots of hippies. It makes for interesting houses with interesting yards.

I walked up to the street nearest the lake and started walking, thinking only that I would stay on whatever street ran closest to the lake. This proved to be a very surreal choice, since the fog near the lake stayed quite thick and throughout the walk, I could only see about 100 feet around me in any direction. It was like I was alone in a dream. And sometimes another person walking or running would emerge from the fog and pass me, but for the most part I was alone for almost the entire hour of my walk.

The sun would also shine through the fog at times, cutting through in small beams like a strobe light, only to be swallowed back up by the fog again later. There was mist in the air from the fog, which covered my hair in little crystal drops and made my curls tighten up in their craziness. I must’ve looked a bit mad, walking around in the fog, misted curly hair, big smile on my face as I kept spying small signs of spring everywhere and the sun kept climbing higher above my fogbank.

Tulips, daffodils and hyacinths were all sprouting their green leaves, while early crocuses burst forth with their small clusters of yellows, purples and whites. Robins hopped around and squirrels were scurrying all over, inevitably trying to remember where they had hidden their precious stashes last fall. It was good to be alone in my thoughts, in my walk, in the fog, as I just kept powering my legs forward.

Eventually, as I started back home, the sun was high enough that the fog began to burn off. By the time I got back home, it was like the fog had never even existed. I wish I had brought my camera with me to capture what it was like walking in the fog yesterday morning. Probably one of the best mornings I have spent by myself in many years.

I used mapmyrun to figure out how long my route was on my fogwalk. 3.5 miles. I may use this same route for a run some day.

Yesterday was also my 29 and one-half birthday. Six months until I’m 30.


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