Rugby Bits & Bites On the Last Day of February

Already almost March, can you believe it? But I can’t wait for spring weather. According to our news, this past weekend’s blizzards gave us the most snow that our city has had in 16 years.

You can feel spring in the air at times though … like tiny little breezes mixing in with the winter chills. Although I don’t think these spring breezes were plentiful in the match featured in these photos from this past weekend’s Chico-Standford match (see below). Muddy and cold!

I’m feeling the Monkey Bar workout from last night a bit today. Not much as you would think, but my triceps just started whining a bit. 15/5s again. 15 second intervals of push-ups, pull-ups, front squats and kettle ball swings for five minutes. 15 seconds on, 15 seconds off with a partner. We switched to one exercise for the five minutes, instead of switching between two for 10 minutes. This makes it harder since your using the same muscle groups the whole time. The push-ups were killers. But I upped my weights/resistance, and that combined with a harder series, is good all over. Okay, not in my triceps, but still good.

One of our old boys brought his little boy with him and he did all the exercises with us. It was so cute. He had his own little 4 kg kettle ball. You know compared to all the monster ones we get to use. It was tiny, like a little Barbie purse. He wouldn’t trade me though.

On with the bits …

• All four women’s challenge matches are now confirmed …

#13 seed
SC#2 – Belmont Shore vs. W#2 – Austin Valkyries
April 21 at Austin

#14 seed
SC#1 – Scottsdale vs. PC#2 – ORSU
April 21 at Portland

#15 seed
NE#4 – Boston vs. W#3 – KC Jazz
May 12 at Kansas City

#16 seed
MW#4 – Wisconsin vs. PC#3 – Mudhens
May 26 at Seattle

So let the fun begin.

• Our blog friend John Birch in the UK e-mailed for our help:

Vote, vote, vote – for Letchworth girls!
I know you’re very busy, but any chance of giving us a click here so we can try to win our county’s “best sport site” and “best blog” awards?

And if you could ask your reader’s to drop in and give us a click as well you’d make a small team very happy!

So, please take a minute and support this energetic girls’ team in England and their great blog.

• Thanks to SoCal Blue and Christine in Cleveland for the good fundraiser ideas. SoCal Blue’s team throws a great golf fundraiser while Christine says their team has All you can eat Wing/Beer nights at local bars. Both good ideas and ones we’re considering. Have an idea you would like to share? Let me know!

• And did you hear? The Chico State Women knocked off top-ranked Stanford, 25-5, in a muddy, physical match this past weekend. Photos by David Flannery via the CSU-Chico Orion Newspaper.

• More snow predicted here tonight … JOY!!

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3 responses to “Rugby Bits & Bites On the Last Day of February

  1. Katy

    that’s awesome for chico! i know from experience many years ago that those chico ladies are TOUGH competitors who play with heart. it’s all about who wants it more at the end of the match, and chico tends to want it a lot. this will be an exciting spring season to follow!

  2. KLK

    We drove up to Chico yesterday for a quick game against their b-side and man they’re a classy lot. They deserved the win and Naima Reddick is one helluva beast. Oh and Go Belmont Shore! I hope they win a seed back for Southern California.

  3. Lee

    Chico beat Stanford two years ago in playoffs and almost did it again last year so this is no fluke. Hopefully they’ll do it again in playoffs in a month.

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