Tuesday’s Turbulent Thoughts

So now that the challenge match is set, we’re trying to pin down the rest of our schedule.

Waiting on that date really delayed confirming most of our remaining spring weekends and now we’re scrambling. And it’s looking more tough than I originally thought. Tough teams, tough plans.

Further, we’re planning our fundraisers (Sin Bin, Milwaukee, Saturday!!) and we can’t round up half of our team to attend workouts, much less help fundraisers. Where the hell is everybody?

I need to get my butt in gear for recruiting. And helping our fundraisers get materials to help find sponsors, etc.

Oy. Time to be much more proactive.

In “Sometimes it sucks to be a rugby administrator” news, I believe one of our players quit our team yesterday because she was pissed at me and our president. She didn’t like how we handled a few recent decisions and events. She also made her feelings abundantly clear in some e-mail messages to us. Which I would normally be cool with and have been with this player’s regular criticisms in the past, except that these recent e-mails were much angrier than the message required and at times, I felt, more personal attacks than actual feedback. I’m sorry that you felt the need to quit the team. You will be missed. But I’m also not going to just let someone yell at us when we’re trying to do our jobs in the best way we can for the given situations. And e-mail is a poor method of communication, which is why I instructed you to further discuss this in person. But perhaps a break from rugby is what you need.

So, yeah, what else? *sigh* Monkey Bar Gym tonight. I worked late Thursday so I missed out, so back to the ass-kickings tonight.

And I have yet to start running yet. We have a tournament in Chicago two weeks from Saturday. Where did Christmas go?


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  1. nurugger8

    if you have an open date you should contact our match sec…. we have quite a few free weekends.

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