Wisconsin Women vs. Emerald City Mudhens

Confirmed just today … my team’s USA Rugby Challenge Match is now set.

The Wisconsin Women travel to play the Emerald City Mudhens the weekend of Saturday, May 26. Winner earns a seed for their territory for falls Sweet 16s … either Pacific Coast keeps their No. 3 seed or the Midwest gains back their No. 4 seed.

We’re already in high gear trying to plan fundraisers to get us all to Seattle. It’s a lot of money … $10,000. If you have ideas, please let me know.

And if you’re in/around Milwaukee, Wis., this weekend, please stop by the Sin Bin Sports Bar on 39th & National Saturday night. Our team will be guest bartending and all tips go towards our trip. We’ll have lots of games, raffles, etc. Challenge Match Bash starts at 8 p.m.

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One response to “Wisconsin Women vs. Emerald City Mudhens

  1. Christine

    We (Cleveland) have fundraisers at willing bars with a ten (or twenty) dollar ticket price that gets you all the wngs pizza and beer you want for 3-4 hours. When everything is said and done people are willing to fork out that money for their friends, and alot of the bar patrons already there end up doing it as well. Just a thought and good luck in your challenge match.

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