I’m fighting the overwhelming urge to tell the entire world to bugger off this morning, drive somewhere far away and imbibe several fruity drinks and/or pints of frosty brew.

Oh where, oh where shall I start?

How about with rugby!

So, my team, after much debate and planning, chose to accept our opportunity to challenge for the national challenge match. Which is a huge expensive trip for us. And even though we only found out about our eligibility to do this because I found out about it here on the web (not by any official notice from – oh i don’t know – governing bodies), we announced our intent to challenge by the deadline. And then we didn’t hear anything … at all. Past the next deadline.

Turns out somebody forget to tell the other team (which was not our responsibility). Just part and parcel of playing rugby in the States. And because we played by the rules and asked that by missing a deadline, which in any other circumstance related to rugby would mean you couldn’t play, that this means we can save our $8,000-plus to take this trip and get the forfeit, someone’s trying to tell us this makes us look bad.

I’m sorry that our team played by the rules, followed the deadlines, assumed everyone else involved was too, and bother to ask what happens next. You know what happens next? It doesn’t matter. We’re just waiting to hear back from the other team to find out what they want to do. We’re just going to shut up and deal, because anything more in the situation would be a waste of good, positive energy.

And just to clarify, I’m not pointing fingers. I’m not blaming any one. I am however frustrated that this happened and my team’s been sitting around waiting for the past few weeks stressing out and wondering if we really needed to start busting our asses to raise $8,000-plus to spend on one weekend or we could use those plans to raise money for other things we also need around here at home. And this is the last I’m going to speak about this here.

Moving on …

So have you seen that there is a national outbreak of salmonella in peanut butter? Yeah. I sat in on a meeting related to this yesterday. And as I sat in on this meeting, listening to the identifying factors of the brand of peanut butter, I realized that I had just bought a jar of that exact brand of peanut butter on Monday night. And I only remembered this because I stood there for a minute or two debating the brands of peanut butter versus the prices, ultimately selecting this particular brand – which I had never bought before in my life – because it was the same kind I would normally buy from Skippy, but was five cents less. I’ll save myself a nickel I thought.

I am sooooo smart. S-M-R-T. (Simpsons reference for you non-simpsons watchers).

Then on Tuesday night, I wanted something light to eat because I was hungry after work, but we had our Monkey Bar Class, so I couldn’t eat a full meal because that would make me vomit mid-grueling workout. So, isn’t a peanut butter sandwich perfect for a light full-of-protein snack an hour before a workout? And from my new jar of peanut butter? Of course it is!

So yesterday, I go to check this jar and sure enough, it’s the exact brand. And sure enough, it’s the exact identifying number on the lid for this outbreak. And symptoms can show up 24-72 hours later or even as long as a week. GI Tract illness, nastiness and possible urinary tract issues. What a wonderful and relaxing issue to possibly have. So, yeah for me, I get to sit around for the week wondering if I’m going to get salmonella because I wanted to save a damn nickel.

I’m in full-blown Monkey Bar workouts as well. Which don’t get me wrong, I do love. I’ll love them even more when I’m not sore for the next two days. But I could’ve done without the 100 lunges with kettleballs we did on Tuesday (Prison workout, 100 lunges, 10-1 sets of pushups and body rows) followed last night by the Deck of Cards workout … with 104 lunges!! And 104 hindus. 104 body rows. And 104 around-the-worlds. Yeah. Yippee. Yeah!!

Plus I hate this project I’m trying to work on at work. And I think my boss gave me a cold because I have a sore throat this morning. Oh yeah, and my new job position is still be audited.

It’s rather hard to maintain a positive attitude today, but I’m trying. Oh and my boyfriend now thinks it’s funny to call me “Sal”. You know, for “Salmonella”.

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3 responses to “Aaarrgggghhhhhhhh!

  1. Elizabeth

    it’s a deep burn…..

  2. Blondie

    Did you hear that? I must’ve done a 1,000.

  3. bloo

    Rugby governance appears to be an oxymoron in the US.

    You’d love the Texas Rugby Union where every single year for the last decade or so, if not longer, they complete restructure the divisions. They say this is to enhance the competitiveness of Texas teams at the Westerns and beyond, which is a fine goal (their other goal seems to be spending all the money they can on meaningless select-side trips hither, thither, and yon and hard negotiating with the Society of Texas Rugby Referees (, but how about letting the structure stay in place for more than a year for teams to have some predictability?

    A couple of years ago, they attempted to put promotion and relegation into the divisional structure. Season played out, so it’s time for relegation and promotion right? Not so much. A couple of the teams appealed relegation to the Westerns and got approval. One team didn’t know they could appeal and got screwed.

    So, that whole idea, which takes years to work but seems to be useful in other parts of the world, got punted.

    And since they installed their Junta-like power structure in which three people can control all of Texas rugby for three years at a go (because of lovely stacks of proxy votes in the hands of mouth breathers, nevermind the clubs too lazy to go to an annual meeting), it is a wonder that anyone is able to play rugby at all here.

    BTW, can you send some of that chilly weather back this way again? It’s 75 degrees after our last, brief, cold snap and I was just getting the Minnesota back in my cold tolerance.

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