Not Dead. Just Not Here.

No, I’m not sick. The blog hasn’t been broken. And I was not kidnapped by pirates. Although I’ll admit that would’ve been fun.

The past 10 days have been a discombobulated chaos from which I have not yet emerged. Somehow blogging – although I thought about each day – seemed to be that extra weight that I didn’t want to add to the already overloaded scales. Tipping point and all that. Chaos = writer’s block. Blogger’s block.

Taking a cue from my friend Nay Nay, here is my list of Awesome/Not Awesome to summarize:

Awesome – I subleased my apartment.

Not Awesome – It took way too long for something that seemed so simple. And was further messed up by crazy property manager who refused to answer questions or communicate with me. Or the kid trying to sublease my apartment. Still have issues even today with her craziness.

Awesome – I got my salary adjustment for my “new” job. And I was the undeniable top candidate.

Not Awesome – The bureaucracy of the larger umbrella organization of my workplace decided that my “new” job is too much like my old job, so my workplace should just keep me in my old job and are now forcing all of my bosses to jump through fire-engulfed hoops with scissors for all the red tape. Meaning salary adjustment delayed. Possibly for a while.

Awesome – Thankfully all of my bosses are pissed off as hell and fighting for this, so it’s reassuring that I’m not just stuck and someone is fighting on my behalf.

Not Awesome – So. Much. Work. That. Isn’t. Ending. Soon.

Awesome – Rugby is starting up.

Not Awesome – Rugby is starting up. And we have a lot of work to do.

Awesome – Monkey Bar Gym training is starting up.

Not Awesome – Blondie is a lazy bum and hasn’t worked out enough (much, at all?) and Monkey Bar Gym training is kicking my ass.

Awesome – First Monkey Bar session was last night … and I felt pretty good. My form was fairly good.

Not Awesome – Ahhh … soreness is now setting in.

Awesome – I’m living with my sister now and her little weiner dog, Lulu.

Not Awesome – I have WAY too much crap in a incredibly teeny tiny bedroom. So I’m sleeping on the futon until I get rid of aforementioned crap. Goodbye clothes I never wear.

Awesome – I moved all of the aforementioned crap out of my old apartment into storage or the teeny tiny bedroom and got my full security deposit back.

Not Awesome – my very cute boyfriend helped me and he slipped down the stairs moving all of my stuff, hurt his arm and then pointed out several times “Wow, honey, you have a LOT of stuff.”

Awesome – I no longer have to pay a huge rent check each month.

Not Awesome – I was kind of sad to leave my apartment. It was pretty cute. But time to move on to more awesome things …

So, as you can see, the culmination of moving all of my worldly goods (some of which weren’t even mine), mega-stressing over the subleasing craziness, interviewing for my job and then finding out it may not work out quite like I hoped, huge work projects, rugby starting, training starting, and sleeping on a futon really haven’t helped me not stress. But I’m alive and things are starting to come back together. So yeah … I’m not dead. Just quiet.


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  1. OBG

    Awesome — You blogged anyway. And garlic.

    Not awesome — You seem stressed. 🙂 Time Warner Cable.

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