Happy Friday

I wasn’t going to post anything today, because I’m busy and I didn’t have something incredibly, fabulously, awesomely great to share with you.

But it occurred to me that I hope I have a good weekend. And that you have a good weekend too.

My brain’s been in overdrive lately. Making mountains out of mole hills instead of being proactive and just dealing with those pesky moles. Not stopping for a deep breath every once in a while. Moving forward but realizing it’s okay to stop for a minute and relax, so you stay balanced.

So have a really good weekend everybody. And remember, they’re just moles.


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One response to “Happy Friday

  1. Gunfighter

    Hiya Blondie!

    New reader here… but I’ll be back.

    I don’t play rugby, as I am too old and too injured to start now (I just discovered rugby two years ago and I am 43, now).

    Glad to know that rugby is alive and well in America!

    PS: Loved the Black Fern Haka vid… it isn’t on youtube anymore… think I could have the code for it?



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