Thoughts … On Top of Thoughts

So I’ve been thinking about my blog. And I think it’s stupid to have two separate places where I can write.

So I’m going to kill the other blog. Don’t worry … it will be painless. She was all uppity anyway. I think it was her pretty blue background.

But I’m going to start some separation in my posts within this blog so it’s more obvious what are rugby things I’m just sharing and what are my thoughts, opinions, moments. Sometimes I think my stuff gets lost in the need for this to be a rugby site. It’s not. It’s just my site and I like rugby. I think that’s why I like to read the other blogs that I found out there or have popped up since I started this, because I like to see what you’re writing about today. It doesn’t matter if it’s about rugby or if it’s about washing dishes.

I’m going to keep all of the rugby links on the right side and all of my links I collect on the left side, in addition to some other separations/clarifications. I do like blogging. But I don’t want to do it anymore if I feel like it’s some chore.

And I forgot to post the scores post this week. Seriously, there should just be some large super-blog out there with multiple contributors and it will just be an all-encompassing women’s rugby blog. Hmmm … something to think on.



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3 responses to “Thoughts … On Top of Thoughts

  1. Ashley

    Did you ever create a ID on ruggerspace? (I know you said you didn’t want to be as involved with it because you would kind of spread yourself thin) Any feelings on that website? I think it’s kind of funny how some sites seem to explode while others trickle along…waiting for people to join or for it to die off. Hopefully this one will get better

  2. Blondie

    Ashley –

    I have looked at ruggerspace, but I have not signed up yet. I actually just played around with the registration after your comment and I didn’t like that it needed my address, etc.

    Have you signed up for it? What do you think? I already have a personal myspace account, but like I said, I’m not keen on too many web things to keep track of.

    We’re you thinking of it instead of a multi-contributor blog? My only concern would be that it wouldn’t be fully public and easy to get to.

  3. Ashley

    I was actually just thinking about it again because of the trying to keep track of scores throughout the season and about the USA team developing a database for input on upcoming players. I was imagining what an ideal site, that already exists, would be. I also just wanted to say that I think your idea of keeping track of scores by people posting is a great idea…I know from experience it gets frustrating trying to find out what scores are by looking on team websites that are generally only updated twice a season. A web of other blogs by region may even begin the process of connecting everything…but now I’m just rambling cuz i’m in a “work training” class and have LOTS of extra time

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