Rugby Bites and Bites

• I saw this yesterday, but now it’s out and about. The USA women’s 7s teams have been named for the USA 7s next month in San Diego, Feb. 9-10. Yay!

Coach: Julie McCoy
Asst: Chris Ryan
Manager: Sadeana Green
Sara Chobot
Phaidra Knight
Amy Daniels
Alison Price
Inez Rodriguez
Teena Mastrangelo
Christy Ringgenberg
Laura Cabrera
Vanesha McGee
Yancy Graf
Jen Starkey

Coach: Mark Santiago
Staff Coach: Drew Fautley
Manager: Tristan Lewis
Rebecca Royce
Tyshawn Henry
Kelly White
Tania Carlson
Daniela Mogro
Lo Stender
Olivia Anglade
Jo Ward
Ellie Karvoski
Jen Flateman
Sue Hanson
Katy Hertel

Via Goff (subscription required), it will be our two Eagle teams – where “USA” has more experience but “USA A” has more speed – versus Canada, Canada A and China. New Zealand, Scotland and the Netherlands expressed interested, but opted out at the last minute. Overall, the focus is on build the program and presence of the team and this tournament.

“We’re trying to build something here that will be like what they have in Hong Kong,” said USA 7s coach Julie McCoy. “Ray Peterson at the USA Sevens has been really supportive, and he’s secured us a field and got us into the stadium for the final. We just need to have these other international teams make the commitment.”

Congrats to Sue and all of the Midwest players/coaches.

• Via Lisa at Put Me in Coach, the recent footwork camp in Philly was a big success.

On an unusually mild January weekend, Philadelphia Women’s Rugby Football Club (PWRFC) hosted Coach Julie McCoy and her team of instructors for an open Footwork Camp at LaSalle University in the City of Philadelphia.

Twenty seven players and 4 coaches representing 10 different club and college programs participated in the 2 ½ day session. Sean Ross led the weight lifting session, while Ellie Karvoski worked with the participants on to improve foot speed, balance, and agility.

Coach McCoy then evolved these training techniques into practical evasive running skills, empowering the ball carrier through a sophisticated progression of 1 v 1, 2 v 1, 2 v 2, 3 v 2, and 3 v 3 situations. Players learned not only how create gaps for themselves and to run evasively, but how to support an attacking player effectively. Offensive ball and support skills were developed through the contact situation, and details instruction was provided on defensive footwork and decision making, level 1, 2, and 3 tackling, and poaching.

“By the end of the camp all participants walked away with not only a new set of skills to add to their “toolbox” and take back to their team, but a great deal of confidence about how they will perform the next time they step on to the pitch,” PWRFC Captain Patti Hagel said. “After the camp, I reevaluated my workout routine and have now incorporated the methods learned at the camp. I look forward to taking these improvements in my footwork, speed, endurance, confidence and general rugby sense on to the pitch this Spring. Thank you Coach McCoy, Ellie Kavorski, Sean Ross and LaSalle University!”

University of Pennsylvania front row Cara McGuiness was the recipient of a camp scholarship. The PWRFC solicited applicants from Eastern Pennsylvania Rugby Union (EPRU) member colleges, and awarded the scholarship based upon a applicant essay.

Said Cara, “Footwork and Agility Camp provided me with skills that will not only enhance my game, but my entire team’s. The scholarship gave me the opportunity to be exposed to Julie’s footwork training, and now I have the honor and responsibility of sharing these techniques with my teammates. Being surrounded by more experienced players was an inspiration to analyze my own game and learn how to improve in order to play on future teams.”

For information about the Philadelphia Women’s Rugby Football Club, please visit If you are interested in bringing a local footwork camp to your area, contact Coach McCoy’s staff through

I know we’re seriously considering trying to get one of the camps here in Madison next year. And for more thoughts on the camp, both Kentucky (who has a cute dog too!) and K-Train attended.

• An awesome tool that Emily found: Map My Run. Seriously, check it out. It uses Google Earth to help you plot your running paths, calculates distance, logs workouts. Good stuff. It’s going on the sidebar. And one of the developers commented to Emily that they have a blog and you can map your routes on your blog. Awesome.

• Did you know that the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation has raised one billion dollars to help find a cure?

• Helpful tips on branding yourself better at your job. Because we all need good jobs to fuel our rugby habits.

• And more caffeine news awesomeness (CNN video). It makes you smarter! My neural receptors love you!

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