A new blog for Blondie

The past few days have been interesting, both in life, and the blog.

I spent last weekend in Chicago, which was a great time, and returned to a very busy and stressful week of work at home. I also had my “job interview” for my salary adjustment at my work and found a potential subleaser for my apartment. The subleaser, if it all works out, wants the place as soon as possible. Meaning I might be moving this week/weekend and have yet to pack a thing.

I’ve just been frankly too tired to blog.

Additionally, I’ve been in a, shall we say, interesting e-mail discussion with a rugby reporter who strongly disliked some remarks (admittedly sarcastic ones, no surprise there for my regular readers) I made last year about his writing and articles.

It didn’t end well, but I stand by my opinion of his writing, which I felt does a disservice to women’s rugby, and not surprisingly, he thinks I am “lacking wit”, have no “bona fide” or “professional” experience in writing (I didn’t feel the need to further defend working 10 years in the field of reporting/editing, sports information and media relations or my master’s degree in journalism just because I blog for fun) and that it is “par for the course for irrelevant blogs such as yours so you’re about where you should be”.

One of his counterparts had inquired prior to our e-mail discussion if I was interested in contributing some writing. Needless to say, I am no longer interested. And while this blog may be “irrelevant”, at least it’s fun and it’s ours. And here, women’s rugby rules.

Obviously, this week’s events have given me quite a lot of fodder to sort through in my mind. And I’ve decided to try a little experiment with a blog for rugby and a separate personal blog – Blonde + Rugby = Awesome. That’s a working title, I’ll see if it grows on me. [Update: Nope, changed my mind and killed it the next day.]

I moved a few things over there already and I may migrate some of my personal posts over there as well. Not sure yet. Stay tuned …


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