Rugby Bits & Bites … Yeah! Friday!!

Just a couple of quickies …

• A Reuters article reporting that caffeine may help ease post-workout soreness … just one more reason I can continue to deny my addiction to Diet Mt. Dew. And yes, if you read the whole article, it also mentions all the negative effects of caffeine. Whatever. Better than crack.

Rugby Magazine updates for January:
— Women’s Profile on Berkeley All-Blue and Princeton alum Candace Hamilton. And if you’re also curious what a muscle-up is, I looked it up. Further, I’ve had a crossfit definitions link on the sidebar for a while for anyone interested in learning more about crossfit.

— An interview with Nando Parrando, one of the survivors of the plane crash in the Andes Mountains best known from the book Alive. He has written his own book, Miracle in the Andes. More here on Wikipedia about Nando Parrado. And this all just reminded me of the rugby bumper sticker that says “Rugby players: They eat their dead.”

— Interesting little piece on the Chapel of Our Lady of Rugby in France. The stained glass window is beautiful.

• And for all of you reading this blog when you should be working or doing classwork, an article from the Discovery Channel on the recent Psychological Bulletin piece about a study on the growth of procrastination (via Jeremy Freese). It’s on the rise and it’s making people “poorer, fatter and unhappier”. I believe it. I’m living it. Get back to work!!

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  1. mutantin

    i’m proud to say that one of our clubs jerseys is hanging in the chapel of notre dame de rugby.

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