Rugby Bits & Bites … Wrapped in Pink Ribbons

Is it Friday yet?

Bits and pieces of info that have filtered into my world that I want to share with each and every one you wonderful individuals.

Except you, the guy who only got here by googling “hot nude rugby chicks playing monopoly”.

For you, I only have my middle finger. Actually, both of my middle fingers. I’ll even wrap a bow around them because I do so love pretty ribbons. Pink ones. And pink ribbons denote how nice I am. Seriously, I’m the nicest. I’m the Miss Congeniality of the rugby world. Okay, actually I can’t verify that since there is no official pageant for such a competition, but wouldn’t that be a fun one?

• Lisa, from Coaching Rugby, passed this on to me … a way to help support the Women’s 7s team in a new booster club:

Hello Again!

The holidays are past, and so is their disruptive influence on one’s rugby priorities … so, let’s talk!

The coaching and management of the US7s team are very excited about the initiation of the Booster Club. Because of our delayed start this fall, the holidays, and some bureaucratic hurdles we didn’t realize we would need to jump, we aren’t able to offer all of the activities we were hoping for at the San Diego Tournament. BUT there is still fun to be had and some central coordination for it. I am your contact pre-San Diego, and Sheri Hunt will be on the ground there for any last minute questions.

If you are going to the tournament, we have reserved a block of rooms at the team hotel, the Holiday Inn. If you would like to stay with like-minded folk, please use the contact info below and tell them you are reserving through the US7s International Women’s Rugby Booster Club.
Reservations: 1-800-287-0037 OR (619) 291-5720

As far as activities go, there will be a get-together on Friday evening, February 9th, in the Holiday Inn bar/lobby area from 6-8. It looks as though the coaching and management staff of the team will be able to make an appearance. If you are a booster club member you’ll get a drink coupon at the social—see Sheri on site!

There will be an opportunity at both the tournament and the social to register for the Booster Club. However, if you are not able to go to the tournament, don’t despair! In the nature of 7s, the more the merrier, and I am happy to oblige and register you via e- or snail-mail. All members will be included in emails regarding team events, tournaments, results, and any special opportunities to be involved with the team. Any level of financial participation is welcome. If you are able to contribute more, this is what you can expect from your annual dues:

$100—a US Women’s 7s t-shirt
$250—the t-shirt plus a US Women’s 7s back pack
$500 or more—both of the above plus a team jersey

It’s our goal to have as many people on the Booster Club roster as possible by the San Diego tournament. We’ll send you a rugby ball keychain if you’re on the list by then. If you are still recovering financially from the holidays, though, Hong Kong is coming up this spring and the team will have large expenses for that tournament, too, so it’s never too late!

If you are ready to get on board, send your name, email, and snail mail address to, or call 508-662-5875. Send checks payable to USA Rugby, with US Women’s 7s on the memo line, to me at:

Kerry McCabe
90 Concord Road Marlborough, MA 01752.

If you have any questions, use the above contact information. Thanks, and the team says thanks, too. Feel free to forward this to others who may be interested.


PS Feel free to forward this to others who may be interested.

• In other national news, USA Rugby’s new official “store” has opened. And it is surprisingly full of more than just national logo-ed gear. And if it seems familiar, it’s a new affiliate of World Rugby Shop, hence the Adidas, Under Armour (You Must Protect This House!) and Nike threads. Pretty smart marketing it would seem … and again, just a note to any Adidas or Diet Mt. Dew sponsors out there, hello! Sponsor me please. 🙂

• The Women’s National Team seems to be looking to hire an administrator … via

• Two notes from this post on updating the links …

— Jen Sinkler, who is the editor for Experience Life magazine when she’s not ripping up a rugby field, commented that she has had Mistress Krista of write some articles. You can find one of them via the magazine archives, specifically here (“Time to Eat”). Jen also recommends checking out the magazine sections on Full Speed, Form & Function and Fitness Fixes.

— And apologies to Sportcrazy who is Irish and not from the UK. Duly noted. My very bad. 🙂

• In my e-mail, Brooke from Belmont Shore wanted to share that her team has a great calendar fundraiser with fully-clothed rugby players, in response to my post on all the nakedness happening lately.

Hi Blondie,

Just read your post on all the naked rugby calendars that are out right now and I thought I’d pass on this example of a non-naked calendar.

All of the pages are fully dressed action shots of our games, some with artsy arrangements or inspirational sports quotes. This is the second year we’ve done a
calendar like this and its a great fundraiser for us. In particular, we’ve been quite successfull at selling them to our familes, friends, and co-workers
(audiences that I wouldn’t even want to approach with a naked calendar).

I have nothing against naked calendars, I just wanted to offer this example of another style of calendar so people know that it can be done 🙂

Belmont Shore Womens Rugby

Check out the Landsharks and their calendar here!

• Also, a nice e-mail from Liat in Israel …


Stumbled across your blog a while ago, and finally decided to drop a couple of lines and tell you how much I enjoy reading it. Ok, well, maybe not ‘enjoy’ as much as am green with envy, but what can you do?

Women’s rugby in Israel is still quite a growing sport, with 2 big teams and one tiny club that started this year, but we’re playing internationally and have regular 7’s games each month. Still, reading about Rugby in the states certainly makes me think about moving 🙂

Anways, take care, and looking forward to reading more of your stuff!



Isn’t that cool? I love hearing stuff like this, rugby growing somewhere and getting bigger. Thanks for the e-mail Liat!

• And our good buddy John Birch in the UK e-mailed to call out the IRB for poor historical record-keeping …

When was the first women’s rugby international? No – I haven’t a clue either, but in the spirit of research and because the we and the girls will be off to watch the six nations games next month I had a look at the IRB website, where they have a database for such things. After all it is here that you can find every men’s international since Domesday (or 1871 anyway). And there is a search option for women’s internationals.

So if you search under “women’s” just how far back do you think the records of the Lords and Masters of the game at the IRB go? Just how seriously do you think they take things?

Go on – you’ll never guess.

Well, maybe you will. Anyway the first women’s international – according to the IRB – was……. England v Wales on 4th February LAST YEAR! And those USA/Canada games before the World Cup? Never happened apparently. Complete figment of everyone’s imagination.

Anyway – felt the need to pass this on on the grounds that it annoys me a bit. No it does a bit more than that but will restrain myself. Suffice to say, can anyone point to any other world sport where the world governing body treats the womens game quite as dismissivly as the IRB?

Hmmm … so if anyone at the IRB checks in here, you might want to fix this, huh? Thanks John!

• In response to this post from December about a woman’s team in New Mexico, Julie says

“There will be a women’s league starting in March. We will be practicing with the HS girls. Email either me or our coach, Lyle at”

• And this post was fueled by Jack Johnson’s “In Between Dreams”.

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