Scores … A New Idea

I need some help and/or feedback with this one.

One of the reasons I started this blog was to put all of the links I was always looking for in one place. This, in turn, allowed me to easily see updates on different news sites, teams, etc. Especially the results of games I was curious about.

Over the 15 months that this blog’s been cruising along, I’ve tried to share scores when I find them and also asked you to share scores. Sometimes we had a whole lot of scores, sometimes not. It’s hit and miss, like most sites.

But, now we’ve got a pretty diverse and spread group of ruggers checking up on here. So I want to try to build a better “scoreboard”.

My initial thought was to put up a “Scores” post every Monday morning with the following details that people could copy into a comment and fill out, so it would essentially be like a mini-match report:

Home Team (score):
Visiting Team (score):
Was this a league match or special event/tournament?
If so, what league/territory/division?
If there are photos, what’s the website?
Other information:

And then any team that wants to share their details could do so, and include any good/fun notables. Hopefully, you could come here on a Monday afternoon or Tuesday and find any score you’re curious about.

What do you think? Or is there a better method? While I would love to see some kind of funky form and database, that’s just not feasible at this time (unless some webgeek out there wants to build us one).

Or what other details would you want to see from a game?

So I’m going to start posting this every Monday (possibly Sunday mornings), starting next week, once we tweak it together. Hopefully, it will turn in to a real resource of information and will build as more teams share their scores.

Thoughts? Ideas?

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7 responses to “Scores … A New Idea

  1. K-Train

    I actually had a similar idea. I have a young local web designer who would be willing to create a database driven site for free, as long as he gets his name on it somewhere. I think it’s seriously time that the women’s game gets it’s own news portal.

  2. sportcrazy

    If you’re going with a blog-based format (actually any type of html) then defining a sports result microformat could be a big help.

    I don’t know how techie you are so that may not be feasible for you.


    I’m going to have a think about this one myself, ping me a mail if you are interested in that.

  3. Anonymous

    Renee (V.Lions) and I (Suffolk) were trying to get all the DII teams in the country to e-mail me their scores so that we could, at the end of the season, send them to USA rugby and say “HEY recognize us!!”

    I think the database way is the way to go, otherwise I think you should make things in column (i.e. opposite the way you wrote it) so then people could scroll down instead of looking sideways.
    You’d want it to be tab or comma deliminated so that you could easily export it into excel. i.e.

    Date, Location, Home Team, Visiting Team, (score:H:V),Type of match,
    Territory, Union, Division, website

    1/17/06, NY-NY, Village Lions, Suffolk, 33:0, League, NRU, METNY, WDII,

    If you are going to get 20 or so post a day you don’t want a lot of extra stuff on it.
    So, with the commas you can cut and paste in excel, data:text to columns and then cut and paste a nice excel file into your blog.

    I’m excited to see what comes of this.

  4. Your Scrumhalf Connection

    i have also put alot of thought into this idea as well. the calendar on my blog actually started because of this idea, we were hoping to then update it with scores and more.

    we definitely need some room to collaborate on this idea.

    i do have some room on my server…i could start doing some research on databases and html. i know alot of html, but not much css.

    ill email you when ive got something substantial…

  5. Blondie

    Yeah … I’m not so tricky with web technology that I can create my own form and database (nor do I have a server) that would make this more feasible … and I don’t have the time to organize what people would send in.

    I want something that I basically can post and walk away from. So unless someone else has the time to develop some thing that could do this (or already knows of a useful free web tool out there), I’m going to stick with the blog post and comments. Perhaps it will evolve …

    And to the suffolk player who left the anonymous note, can you explain the column format more or e-mail me an example?

  6. Blondie

    Wild West Wendy (aka Scrumhalf Connection) … I like the calendar idea too and plan on adding my team’s info when we get stuff set, but I don’t want something that I’ll find myself having to maintain all the time (which the google calendar kind of requires to stay current, somebody (you in this case) is the keeper).

    I had heard that the new USA Rugby membership software will have match report abilities, so maybe that will prove a better tool, who knows.

    Anyone have some more feasible ideas that Blondie having to build a database?

  7. sportcrazy

    Hey blondie,

    No worries about the UK thing, I understand how easily you Canucks get confused.

    Re: Microformats – they’re a way of expressing machine readable data in html that’s also human usable. It’s actually easier to use than a database, but you need to follow the established specification… which doesn’t exist for sports results right now.

    A good analogy is marking things up with css id’s – you can say something like <p> </p> for a paragraph, or be more descriptive and use <p id=”prologue”> </p> – you’re being more descriptive about what the content is.

    I was thinking something along the lines of

    … and in Dublin today <a href=”” rel=”Home-team”>Ireland</a> beat <a href=”” rel=”Away-team”>England</a> by 65 points …

    — the text is human readable but the home and away team data is machine readable too – this can be applied to all data in the result including venue, date, score, sport-type, etc etc.

    Anyway I’ll take a look over the weekend and see if I can come up with a proposal for the Microformat guys.


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