A few notables for today …

• Blogging times and occurrences may be changing as I re-organize and re-prioritize. I’m leaning towards later in the day blogging and not daily, but considering how much I normally blog, I’ll still be here a lot each week. Don’t worry. Just trying to figure out how to best balance some things that need much better balancing. I also have a scrumfully huge pile of e-mail alerts to sort through for a mega Bits and Bites this week.

• I walked to work today in the snow. Very bright and sunny, but cold. Not so cold that it was unbearable, because thankfully not windy, but very crispy. Big thanks to my mittens, scarf and hat for getting me through the hard times. High fives!

• Rest In Peace Christmas Tree. You were a good friend for the past 45 days. I lit you up and admired you each day. I really enjoyed your fresh pine smell. And my cat enjoyed nibbling on your branches near his window and the way he could hide behind you. But it is 2007. A new year, a new feeling of a clean start. So I started with you and put away all of my christmas decorations, hauled you outside (you are the prettiest tree in the christmas tree pile on the curb) and although I wish you could stay year-round so I could decorate you for every holiday, it just can’t be. But please know the living room is super clean and sparkly and I planted up three little pots of herbs to sit on your window sill in anticipation of the spring. It is now a very springy room. See you next year.

• And for fans of college basketball, Wisconsin earned it’s first-ever men’s No. 2 in the nation ranking. Number 2. With several number 1 votes. Yeah Wisconsin!!

• And now I must slave away … slave away the day.


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