Blizzardy Day Off

Yup … Martin Luther King, Jr. Day = Day Off of Work. Granted, I feel a small pang of guilt that I really should be doing something to commemorate the day, but then I think, isn’t it more important that I try to be a good and fair person every day?

So, King’s birthday is just a reminder that I keep up the good work (and you too!). And that labor unions worked really hard to pick holidays for days off that I still get paid for. I’ll take it.

In other news, it finally snowed! Yeah … and it’s still snowing. So, it’s a good day to have off because I didn’t have to get up early and dig out my bike to ride through the snow to my office. I think it’s time to bring the bike up to my flat and dry it off.

My boyfriend had to work today. He works for a private company. Private company = not many paid days off. I won’t dwell on greater salaries, bonuses, etc.

Today, I’m going to spend some time with my sister, mom and then we’re going to visit my brother and his girlfriend (lunch bro … in case you read this this morning). The three of us are public employees and my bro has his own company, the fabulous (Get your early Valentine’s gifts!!). My dad also has off today, but because of the snow, he had to go in for extra time and plow. A day off for everyone. Yum … three-day weekends are the best.

Anyway, I’ll quit talking about it in case you’re working today. Sorry. 🙂

My plan for today is to hang with the family, run some errands and then come home for some cleaning projects. I want to clean up my living room, which involves my desk area which is still a mess from when I first moved in here, take down my christmas tree (I’m already ready for Spring!) and vacuum up my rug. My cat’s also got all of his toys in every nook and cranny in the place. By cleaning my office, I’m hoping to get rid of a lot of stuff I don’t need to keep and to give myself some work room. I have some projects to take care of on my computer, including some blogging.

Then it’s back to work tomorrow. I need a motivation pill for all of this. Is everybody struggling with motivation lately? It seems like it to me. Lots of people are burnt out. I’m really bad at motivating myself. Part of fixing this is to give myself less commitments, less little things to take care of so I do the big things better and with less stress.

I also need to start running. That’s all I want to do to get ready for the season and to get in shape. I just want to run. I don’t want to join a gym again. I don’t want to do a whole bunch of cardio.

Running could give me all things that I need to do better in my physical life and in rugby. It’ll make me feel better. It’ll make me lose my winter tummy. It’ll make my lungs feel better and work better. My muscles will remember what they like to do.

Granted, I’m going to take our Monkey Bar classes again … but I group that in with rugby “practices” of sorts. Not something on my own. And seriously, if I don’t run a bit before then, the workouts will likely make me vomit. I don’t want to vomit in front of all of my friends.

I really hate running. It would be last on my list of things I could do for fun to work out. And yet, no surprise, it’s the easiest, requires nothing additional for equipment that I don’t already own (running shoes, me, some warm clothes, my ipod, my new watch) and I live approximately 300 feet from a very good running path.

It’s like God is taunting me … “Seriously, girl, how much easier can I make this for you? Get your ass moving before I bring on the wrath.” And while the blizzard currently occuring would normally be a problem, once the path/sidewalks are a bit cleared, the cold weather is actually better for my breathing issues that warmer weather. My lungs like the cold. They won’t like the running, but they’ll like the cold.

Further, running is a good way to start your day. And to run, I would have to get up early. And I need to get up early to start getting to work earlier. Oy. It’s all coming together to work against my need to sit on the couch and watch PBS all day (remember, no cable., so then I at least feel like I’m learning).

So, ugh. Running. I was thinking I should give myself some goal. Like being able to run a 5k by some time soon. Ugh. For all you runners, a 5K is nothing … but considering right now I doubt I could healthily run a mile, a 5K sounds very … not fun.

And since I’m not big on the every other day thing as far as establishing a habit, I really need to get up and run every day. Double Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Okay … I wrote it down. Now I have to do it. I should start a log on here …

Okay … enough babbling. I need to get dressed and go pick up my sister. Blog ya later. Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Remember the Golden Rule today.



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3 responses to “Blizzardy Day Off

  1. Katy

    my dad used to have to go in to plow for overtime during blizzards, too. but in my house it was always very stressful when snow happened because he HATED plowing. the neighbors all liked it very much, however, because he would dig out our little rural road days before the county would get to it. here’s to snowplowing fathers!

  2. cmo'

    Ahhh, I had to comment because I’ve been going through this exact same inner dialogue regarding running. I know it makes me feel better in so many ways, I know once I get going it’s not so bad, etc; but inertia totally works against me and makes me check my email for an hour or examine the cracks in the wall instead of getting to the great outdoors. But, I finally dragged myself out yesterday and re-realized how great it is to explore new neighborhoods or sights via running, and what a nice release running can provide. So, enjoy your workouts and know that a humble runner in Philly is going through the same process…

  3. Anonymous

    another word of motivation . . you burn more calories when you run in the cold since you body is also trying to keep yourself warm. That’s my winter motivation but if my abs are a good measure of how much I’ve been running well then, I haven’t been running enough. Let’s all hit the pavement/dirt today!!

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