Baberham Link-in

Yup … a link update.

Initially started because I found this fabulous blog/site about women’s weight training – – via a new blog I’ve been reading lately from a women who’s living in New Zealand – Adventures of an Urban Cowgirl. Suffice it to say, I really would like to go live in New Zealand and blog it, but I’ll stay in Madison.

Anyway, you absolutely need to check out Stumptuous’ weight training, fitness, diet, everything info. “Mistress Krista” who runs the site writes well, explains a lot and shares a lot. Seriously, even all of you masters of weights and fitness will find value.

So while adding that, I cleaned house a bit. Added some new good ones. Deleted any blog links where people haven’t done much lately or other stuff I don’t ever check. I also cleaned out my overflowing saved links here on the machine and included them in my sidebars to save them instead. Stuff I found interesting and/or useful, so you might too. Who knows.

As always … got a team link, send it in.



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4 responses to “Baberham Link-in

  1. KLK

    Hey Blondie,

    My computer seems to hate my email service right now so I couldn’t email you…but I’d be honored if you added my blog to your site. Sorry it took so long for me to respond to your msg but their were circumstances that had to be resolved (ie the one mentioned in my post). I’m looking forward to holding it down for all my DII ruggers! =]


  2. Your Scrumhalf Connection

    Loving the weight lifting link. Great find!

  3. sportcrazy

    Hi Blondie!

    I’m IRISH! We ain’t in the UK 🙂

    I’m gonna post up a list of rugby blogs I read too, don’t have any on the blog roll.


  4. Jen

    Hi, Blondie,
    I came across last year, and I liked her site so much I ended up assigning a few Experience Life articles to “Mistress Krista” (real name Krista Scott-Dixon).

    We have one of them available online in the EL archives at
    “Time to Eat,” published in June 2006, on what to eat before and after your workout — exact URL is Note that there’s a Web Extra on nutritional guidelines for the very active (i.e., rugby players).

    In fact, if you’re looking for additional solid fitness advice, I’d recommend perusing the EL online archives — pay particular attention to the Full Speed, Form & Function and Fitness Fixes departments. You’ll see articles on proprioceptive drills, overspeed training, trail running, mind-body exercise, mental training and so on.

    Happy reading!
    Jen Sinkler
    Senior Editor

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