Seedings … Seattle?

Since I’ve been barely blogging, I’ve also been barely perusing all of my usual rugby sites for news and updates. So, I was a tad surprised this morning when I saw this over on K-Train’s blog … the D-1 seedings for 2007:

1 Northeast #1
2 Pacific Coast #1
3 Midwest #1
4 South #1
5 Northeast #2
6 Midwest #2
7 Mid Atlantic #1
8 Northeast #3
9 Mid Atlantic #2
10 Midwest #3
11 Mid Atlantic #3
12 West #1
13 West #2 can be challenged by So Cal #2
14 Pacific Coast #2 can be challenged by So Cal #1
15 West #3 can be challenged by Northeast #4
16 Pacific Coast #3 can be challenged by Midwest #4

My team, the Wisconsin Women, are the Midwest #4 seed and we can challenge, if we choose, the Pacific Coast #3 seed, the Emerald City Mudhens in Seattle, Washington.

And although I knew we would probably get thrown into the challenge mix last fall, I had forgotten about it until this morning. And then I realized that my team might be taking a trip to Seattle this spring.

Needless to say, my mind’s spinning a bit. Seattle isn’t exactly a day trip for us Wisconsin girls. Nor is it a quick weekend jaunt. Thankfully, we have a bit of time to plan and make our decision. And as Goose and I discussed on the phone this morning, we could go climb the Space Needle! 🙂

So … yeah. Seattle, huh? And for my teammates who read this, more information will be forthcoming. Don’t ask me any questions yet … because I don’t know. As soon as I know … you’ll know.

Based on results for Seattle in the fall, especially since they met up with our league buddies in Chicago North Shore, this could be a fairly even-matched games. If we travel well.

So all I keep thinking is that this could be a planning nightmare of sorts, but when a door opens, you walk through it right?

Hmmm … rugby surprises in 2007 to say the least.

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One response to “Seedings … Seattle?

  1. Anonymous

    well, as much as i’d like to wish you luck since the mudhens are our rivals, i’m afraid i can’t since a win for you would mean my region (the northwest) would lose one of our spots for nationals next year. enjoy seattle if you come out here though, it’s a great city:) oh and just fyi with regards to teams out here, when we say seattle we’re talking about the seattle rugby club, the mudhens are pretty much just called the mudhens…

    –a seattle rugby player

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