Gurgle, Gurgle

Wow! That was so much fun!

So, yeah. I was pretty sick. It came on really fast and I spent almost two days in bed wondering when my the alien trying to claw it’s way out of my stomach would stop swimming around and just leave already.

And did you know that most of daytime television is either soaps or variations of People’s Court. Judge Mathis doesn’t seem like a real judge to me. Maybe that’s why he’s on television.

My whole family got hit with the bug too, except my sister and my boyfriend. My mom got the worst of it, she was sick almost all of last week. Thankfully (or not) she was still on her holiday vacation from teaching our nation’s youth.

In fact, almost everyone I talk to knows someone who’s been sick. There are a lot of conversations about bodily processes.

But I’m finally feeling nearly 100% normal. Except that everytime I eat, the alien gets all gurgley. You can hear my stomach just jabbering away. I should tape it and sell it on QVC as a relaxation device – “Sounds of the Stomach”.

What else has happened? Vacation was very good. I haven’t had that much time off in years. Even got to show the boyfriend the home town up north and see Lake Michigan. And the boyfriend is all moved into his new house, so my cat and I get our bachelorette pad back again.

In rugby news … well, has anything much happened? Aren’t we all still enjoying the off season a bit and only starting to get a slight bit twitchy for some fitness, idly tossing around a ball when we see it and thinking of who our teams might play come spring?

I’m excited about 2007. More than I have been excited about a new year in a very long time. I even bought myself a watch for the New Year so I can use it to time my running and work on being earlier for work.

Soon, our team will be back to hitting the Monkey Bar workouts (so I should probably start running soon otherwise Chad our trainer will make me wish I had norovirus again), indoor practices and working out our spring schedule. We’re trying to play different teams than normal this spring, have some fun, get some good games. Okay, so, my rugby itch is definitely getting itchier …


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One response to “Gurgle, Gurgle

  1. srose

    Glad to see that you’re back and feeling better!

    I am very antsy to get Monkey Bar-ing again…minus the crawling part. Any idea on when that’s kicking off?

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