Noro what?

So, I think I’m on the brink of the “stomach flu”. Turns out there is an outbreak of norovirus in our city and my mother was violently ill the other night. It started with stomach cramps. And hey, guess what I have right now? Stomach cramps.

You know it’ll be a fun day when you need to sit through a meeting in a few hours that you can’t miss but you’re pretty sure that you have a quick-onset illness with symptoms that list “projectile vomiting” as a fun bonus feature.

If I’m not projecting anything later, I’ll blog … otherwise have a good one.


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  1. LSUTigerFan

    this virus made it through Dc area..three of us in our household got it. Then as we trvelled down south for the holidays it was making it’s way through Nashville and Austin TX!

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