Pre-Vacation Crush

Sorry … late blogging today … actually not really blogging. Tomorrow’s my last day at work before holiday vacation and I’m swirling around trying to finish up work projects, meetings, updates and today’s department holiday party (oooh! Potluck!).

And I’ve got to figure out Christmas plans, my boyfriend signed his papers for his new house today and rugby events looming in January and the spring are nagging at me.

Probably why it’s pitch black outside and I’m still in my guinea-pig-haunted office.

So far, January may be very busy for work and life … yeah for 2007!!

On top of all of this, to get my salary adjustment at work that was already stressing me out, I need to re-apply for my job which will be converted into a different assignment of sorts. The red tape of working for a large governmental-type place. So I have my job already, but to get my salary adjustment, they need to say I’ve been hired for a different job which is really just my job now but paying me more and labeled differently. But it means my new-but-old job is technically open for people to apply for it for the next two weeks and I need to send in a resume/cover letter like everyone else. Then I will be interviewed along with two or three others and then will be hired for my job. And as it turns out, people I know (but am not allowed to know who they are) are applying for my job that they can’t get because, well, it’s my job.

The job description is a word-for-word account of what I do here at work every day (and no, blogging isn’t listed. Shame, huh?). And even though my boss is going through this process to help me keep working here and pay me more, it’s pretty weird to apply for your own job, interview for it, etc. Further, I have a small fear that someone who applies for it will be better at my job and then some weird-nightmare situation will occur and they will hire that person and say, oh, too bad. Which can’t happen, since I wouldn’t have yet quit my old-trying-to-be-new job, but still makes me a little itsy bit nervous. So, I have to dust off my resume and cover letter and send it in before Christmas. Oy.

And I really want to know who wants my job and I feel bad that they are applying for a job that they won’t get because I already have it, but dude! It’s my job! 🙂

See, wouldn’t this stress you out too?

Okay … damn, it’s almost 7 already. I’m out. And hey, Kimmie K., if you’re reading this, I can’t wait to see you!!


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