Teams around Los Alamos, New Mexico?

Via my e-mail … Jennie is moving and looking for a new team, but needs some help finding one …

I’m likely going to move to Los Alamos, New Mexico in June. It seems that there are no women’s teams in the entire state! According to the USA rugby website there is the University of New Mexico college team and a girls high school team in Los Alamos. I’m too old for both of these clubs.

I’ve e-mailed a local men’s club to find out if they know anything and haven’t heard back. Maybe your readers could help me out?

I have debated starting a women’s club, but then it seems our closest opponent would be a 5 hour drive 😦


Does anyone know of any senior women’s teams near Los Alamos or the surrounding area? Or maybe a Union contact for that area? A strong men’s team that might be interested in a new women’s division?

Leave it in the comments and I’ll mail it to Jennie.

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5 responses to “Teams around Los Alamos, New Mexico?

  1. Your Scrumhalf Connection

    The Atomic Sisters are still going strong in NM…unfortunately i don’t have a good contact for them. You may want to talk to Katie Wurst (contact info on my blog) as she scheduled a match with them for the spring…

  2. Brooke Basinger

    The Atomic Sisters are in Albuequerue.

    There are also two college sides (UMN and NMSU) that might accept club players.

    The local area union is the Rio Grande.

    Good luck.

  3. Julie

    I live in Los Alamos and played for the lady lobos in albuquerque for a split second in 2001. It’s been a while but I’ve volunteered to help coach the youth leagues. I’d love to get back into playing. If you would like to start a club in Los Alamos or Santa Fe (half hour away and more likely to have interest) I’m more than willing to help out and I have a couple friends who would probably also be interested. You can shoot me an email any time at

  4. Julie

    There will be a women’s league starting in March. We will be practicing with the HS girls. email either me or our coach, Lyle at

  5. mastarkovich

    My name is Milissa Starkovich and I work in Los Alamos and live in Santa Fe. I have played rugby witht the Atomic Sisters since 1998. I have not been as active in recent years because of the commute to Albuquerque. I have kicked around the idea of starting a club in the Los Alamos/Santa Fe area but just have not found enough interest. I would love to give it another shot. I know of another rugger who lives in Santa Fe right now.
    If you are still interested in starting a club side, please let me know.

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