Yeah! Thursday! Yeah!

So, I’m officially moved up to my digs.

And score! I got a new flat top monitor for my new office. It’s bigger than my last monitor in screen size too. Whoever said size doesn’t matter … well, let’s just say they were not talking about computer monitors.

Interesting trivia about my new office. It was previously an insolation laboratory. To visualize, it’s approximately seven feet by six feet with a rather tall 10 foot ceiling. All cinderblock laboratory walls and a converted laboratory bench. But now it’s all painted nicely with nice carpet to better resemble an office. I also have a old-school wooden pocket door and since my office is one of a set of two, I have this little pocket window in the wall between the two lab/offices. So if we ever hire someone else, I have a little funny window to talk to them through. I might have to take a picture to better show this. Right now, it just allows me to sneak peeks out into our main office entrance to see who’s coming in.

And since it was previously an isolation laboratory, one of our head honchos told me that he used to do some of his work in my now office, which involved guinea pigs. Approximately 1500 guinea pigs gave their life for science in my office. I imagine the souls of these 1500 guinea pigs are sitting here watching me blog to you all.

Squeak. Squeak.

But yeah, not it’s just me. Rockin’ out to Van Halen’s “Hot for Teacher” on the radio. I’ve got to make this quick, because I need to go home and take care of some projects.

But I received a very nice e-mail from Lydia who plays for the Grove City College Women’s Rugby Team, which is going to join the Allegheny Rugby Union soon. Lydia, I’m adding your team link to the sidebar. Thanks for the e-mail.

And also Kori, who plays for the Hartford Wild Roses, e-mailed me to tell me that my blog was suddenly banned from her work internet today and she can no longer read. Bummer!

I wonder if it was your work changing a policy or my content finally reached a certain level of naughtiness. Was it the post where I giggled at my phone jack being number 69? We may never know. But you’re right Kori. How sad.

All right kids, gotta go home. Tomorrow’s Friday! Yeah!

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