Morning everybody …

Here at work early this morning because we are moving offices. I’ll be moving from a lovely three-sided cubicle (ugh) in a small room shared by a few people to a old laboratory space converted into an office. My new office will be a small cubby room, but it will be just me and I have a door I can close. It’s a tad dark in there (ugh), but the good news is that our main space has a big window and we’re on an upper floor. I can actually see the sky!

I haven’t had a window office (well, in this case an office very close to a window) since I left the Badgers a few years ago, so I’m a little excited despite the fact that my little cubby is rather cave-like.

So all of my boxes are already up there … and my lunch (I’m hungry already …) but I’m sitting here at my old desk waiting for the computer lady to come move me, then I’ve got some meetings and such, but hope to blog a bit later.

And also, today is my brother Ryan’s birthday!! If you’re still looking for some unique holiday gifts for loved ones, please go check out his online store,


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  1. nurugger8

    congrats on the big move!

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