Totally Disturbing

I get a daily e-mail update from the New York Times every morning and there was an article on Perverted Justice and the Dateline NBC shows “To Catch a Predator”.

Have you seen those shows? Where they go to various cities and set up sting operations for catching online pedophiles. The show is creepy enough, but this morning I went on the Perverted Justice site and made the mistake of reading one of the chat logs from a man they had helped law enforcement convict.

The log is taken from a chat between the man and a person pretending to be a 13-year-old girl. It’s a very long chat log and so incredibly disturbing, i stopped reading it after a while because I couldn’t stomach what this guy was writing.

I’ll admit I wonder if there are cases where this is more “vigilante” than it needs to be. I also admit I wonder about privacy issues. But after reading that chat log, I’m so very saddened and disgusted that there are people like this out there and they are targeting kids.

I’m gonna be a crazy mom, I just know it. And god help anyone who even thinks about saying stuff like this to one of my kids. I’ll take my cleats to them.


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  1. Ashley

    I have seen the show and its so terrible, there are some creepy/sick/pathetic people in this world. I mean when i have kids i am arming them with the resource of and report these sickos to the authorities if they are ever approached. But the creeps better not come near my kids.

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