Monday … why are you so cold?

I am very lethargic this morning. I very much would like to call in sick the rest of the day, even though I’m already in my office, and go home to have a do-over weekend day.

Probably because I know someone else who has the day off … alas … I will stay here. But blogging will also be lethargic … and my office is cold.

Last week all blended into one long week of work, stress over some unwanted rugby issues of something I don’t need to be involved in and somehow was, and just wanting to be left alone all week. Friday night, I went grocery shopping and that was probably the most fun thing I did all week. I like grocery shopping. It makes me happy to walk up and down the aisles perusing all the different foods. I came home and made some fresh guacamole. Yum.

Saturday morning, I got up early, cleaned up a tad and then had to drive up north for a meeting of our state’s rugby union and after four and a half hours of meeting and sitting in smaller-than-normal lecture hall seats of a university’s union, some of which was dramatic and stress-inducing, but I’m feeling more hopeful that our union is taking some steps in a better direction (and I can concentrate on my own team too). I stopped at a gas station, loaded up on cheap french vanilla cappucino out of some machine, spiked with hot chocolate, and sped all the way home so I could be there in time to clean up week-long abandonment of cleanliness. My boyfriend was flying home from being all gone all week for work. I even put up a few more christmas decorations.

Boyfriend came home, had been up for 32 hours, after working way too much this past week already and I let him sleep in until almost 1 p.m. Sunday instead of trying to wake him up early. Except for breakfast.

Later, we putzed around at a book store and then opted to see Casino Royale, the new James Bond movie, which was very good. Some fairly violent fight scenes, but overall very good. Boyfriend was disappointed that the opening credits were missing the usual half naked female silhouettes though. 🙂 New James Bond, Daniel Craig, has some goofy ears, but grows on you quickly. And better than usual writing for this movie.

This week are both my mom’s and brother’s birthdays … and boyfriend pointed out to me that Christmas is only two weeks away. I have a lot of work to do before a much-needed vacation starts and the holidays arrive.

Blogging will be limited today … I have no energy for it.
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