Coming from Nothing, Making a Decision to be Something

Via Dennis York, a great SI article on a men’s soccer player from Green Bay, Wisconsin – London Calling – who decided to take a chance on playing in England and worked his way up to the Premiership level.

A great read … and even better because he’s a Wisconsin boy!

Three years ago, in Jay DeMerit’s previous life, Sir Elton John didn’t ask to shake his hand. Three years ago, before he scored one of the most lucrative goals in soccer history, yellow-clad Englishmen didn’t chant his name, didn’t wear his jersey, didn’t burst into tears of joy over his flying header into a rippling net. Three years ago Jay DeMerit, late of Green Bay, was a soccer vagabond in a foreign land, an MLS reject plying the fields of London’s city parks, a Sunday pub leaguer sharing a friend’s attic bedroom in a dodgy part of town and subsisting on $70 a week and a steady diet of beans on toast.


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