Yes, I’ve seen it …

For anyone else who’s seen it, and thanks to everyone who e-mailed me about it, I’ll post the idiotic NY Press article tomorrow … a couple of players mentioned that NY Women might write a letter and I’d like to have them both posted together.

So … sorry to tease you. Stay tuned …

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4 responses to “Yes, I’ve seen it …

  1. Katy

    I just don’t understand. The same publication ran like 5 articles about New York rugby last week. The SAME freaking paper!!! You even linked them in your very own blog. People are so awful. I need to find a new planet.

  2. Kentucky

    This article made me feel a little sick, like I wanted to run over a puppy or something. But maybe I’ll write a response instead and spare the puppies….*sigh*

  3. Emily

    Things like this make me wonder about the motivation of journalists. Perhaps they just enjoy getting mail, and figure they’ll get more if they write like jerks?

    Also, can someone please point out to them that NZ’s All Blacks are not named based on race? Send that bright one a photo…

  4. OBG

    have not seen it. somebody post, please

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