My weekend by the numbers …

Activities completed other than eating dinner and talking about doing something more than watching television Friday night … 0

Times I tell myself I could beat everyone on “1 vs. 100” … 12

Time we fell asleep … 11:30

Realizing that my boyfriend fell asleep with my cat sleeping on his stomach … 1

Hours driving to Green Bay, Wisconsin and back Saturday … 5

Birthdays my grandmother has now celebrated … 82

Age she told me on Saturday … 28

How many times she asked me how old I was and was I still in school … 3 (my answers, 29 and all done)

Family and friends at my Aunt’s house for the party … 16 including the mailman who stopped in to say hi on his rounds

Ages of my counsin’s daughters, the first grand-children … 2 and 5

Pieces of birthday cake I ate … 2

Times I laughed out loud after my mom convinced my cousin’s five-year-old daughter, Madison, that she wanted to eat her toes and Madison said “No! Eat my sister’s!!” … one very long laugh

Verbal fights I got in with my own sister … just one

Pancakes made for breakfast on Sunday … 4

Pancakes made for breakfast on Sunday with cherries … 1

On a scale of 1-10, 10 being very good, my enjoyment of the movie “Thank You for Smoking” while eating previously mentioned pancakes with my boyfriend … 10

Time we eventually got dressed, cleaned up and left the apartment … 1:30

Minutes we had to spend before meeting my family to pick out christmas trees … 30

Cute homeless cats and dogs seen at the Humane Society while using up our 30 extra minutes … too many

Times my eyes welled up at one poor older dog and I hid it from my boyfriend … 1

Times my boyfriend told me he now had “kennel cough” from me petting all the dogs … twice

Height of our cute Frasier Fir christmas tree … 5 feet

Cost … 12 dollars

Times I sniffed the tree because I love christmas tree smell … still counting

Strings of lights on our tree … 3

Times I had to yell at my cat for trying to chew on the lights … at least three and counting

On a scale of 1-10, 10 being very good, my enjoyment of the movie “Inside Man” while sitting near previously mentioned now-lit christmas tree with my boyfriend … 10

Days from Monday until boyfriend returns from work trip to West Coast … five

Additional blogging I plan to do today … 0


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