American Women Win Dubai 7s

The American women’s 7s team, playing under the name Greater Little Rock USA, defeated English team Saracens 12-7 and Scottish team Rugby Ecosse 28-5 to win the International Women’s division of the 2006 Dubai 7s.

See my previous post from Friday with scores here.

Via Goff, American Women Turn Heads in Dubai (subscription required) …

“I was very proud of the team, not only for the win, but in the manner in which we won,” said coach Julie McCoy. “In the past, the US Team tended to lead early in games, only to let the lead go under pressure. This time, in both the semi and the final, the team allowed our opponents to score first, then rallied with 12, then 26 unanswered points for the win. That is a good sign, demonstrating the team’s maturity early in our international 7s season.”

And a roster with stats …

Phaidra Knight, NY, TH Prop, 2 tries
Courtney Warner, Berkeley, T/LHP, 2 tries
Amy Daniels, Beantown, LHP, 3 tries
Daniela Mogro, NY, SH, 2 tries
Laurel, “Lo” Stender, Las Vegas, 1 try
Christy Ringgenberg, Minnesota, FH, 3 tries
Kelly White, Belmont Shore, FH/C, 1 try
Ellie Karvoski, Little Rock, C, 9 tries
Jen Starkey, NOVA, W, 6 tries
Alison Price, New York, H, 2 tries


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