American Women Advance at Dubai 7s

What the hell?

Would it be too much to ask that there be an updates on various national rugby information sites when a group of top women’s 7s players under the leadership of the women’s 7s national team coach is playing in a well-regarded international tournament?

Really? It’s too difficult to promote it, mention it or anything?

I almost missed it, but then I realized that we have an American women’s team at the Dubai 7s this weekend, named “Greater Little Rock USA”. I couldn’t find a roster list until I searched through my own archives here (never a good sign!)… and that’s from September, so no word on if this roster is 100 percent accurate.

Dubai 7s:
Phaidra Knight, New York
Amy Daniels, Beantown
Courtney Warner, Berkeley
Alison Price, New York
Inez Rodriguez, Keystone
Daniela Mogro, New York
Kelly White, Belmont Shore
Christy Ringgenberg, Valkyries
Ellie Karvoski, Little Rock
Jen Starkey, NOVA

But I do have scores from the Dubai 7s games so far, which seems like a cool website until you find that all of their results are excel files you need to download to read. Awesome!

Day One Pool Play – International Ladies (their terms, not mine)
Pool B – Greater Little Rock USA (GLR-USA), East Region, MGUS, Wild Wadi
• GLR-USA 25, East Region 7
• GLR-USA 37, MGUS 12
• GLR-USA 57, Wild Wadi 0

There are four pools in the International Ladies brackets, including several strong teams from Scotland, England, etc.

Day Two – Quarterfinals
• GLR-USA 28, Pink Barbarians 0
• Rugby Ecosse 24, MGUS 0
• Irish Barbarians 31, Khimki RLFU 0
• Saracens I 25, Wooden Spoons 5

According to Goff (subscription required), Jen Starkey nailed all four of her conversions against the Pink Barbarians (made up of London club players) and Ellie Karvoski has racked up 8 tries in four games. Also noted, Rugby Ecosse is a Scottish team full of caps and so is the English team Saracens, both advanced as well today.

Oh and I almost forgot to mention … is a waste of time to visit. Sorry, but true.

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3 responses to “American Women Advance at Dubai 7s

  1. John

    If you look again it would appear as if your “ladies” won the whole tournament!

    And beating two of our local teams – East Region and Sarries – on the way.

    Not a bad side, clearly…

  2. Anonymous

    My daughter is playing on the USA team in Dubia. It is a shame that more is not more posted on how they were doing and did.

    They played against England in the semi-finals and beat them 12-5.

    They played in the championship game against Scotland and beat them 28-5 to win! GO USA!!!

  3. gtjeddah

    Hi Blondie
    I would just like to congratulate the ladies on winning the Intl Ladies competition, i was that British Guy sitting in the Players stand with you all on Friday and the same Guy dressed in the Plastic Bin Liner on Saturday.
    I thought you played some excellent Rugby and hope you will return to defend the title next year.
    regards to all

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