Evil rugby women are taking over the earth and your magazines …

At least according to a sad, sad little man somewhere in Florida.

Meredith was kind enough to write in the text of a letter recently written to Rugby Magazine which I discussed at the bottom of yesterday’s post on Bits and Bites. It seems our very presence is pissing off one old man named Eric …

Not Fond of Women’s Rugby
I read an occasional copy of your magazine but have not subscribed for many years. And looking through this month’s issue I am reminded why.

One reason is that you are no longer the only game in town, as you were for so many years. We Yanks can now get rugby coverage from real-time rugby web-sites, and various TV, cable, satellite and electronic media coverage.

My primary reason for no longer subscribing, however, is your growing volume of women’s rugby coverage. I hate it; loathe it. Always will.

Sorry, my fault, my hang-up. But…I’m sure I’m not alone.

You were always good to me way back when. You kept me connected to the world rugby scene throughout the 70s and 80s when we were in the dark. You were kind enough to publish a few of my comments as well.

And while we did not always agree on things, I always counted you as an invaluable leader on the American rugby scene. I would always get a rush of excitement when the new Rugby Magazine arrived.

Maybe there are enough female subscribers to make it feasible to have a Women’s Rugby publication. Heck, if you agreed to segregate things in this manner, I’d even help out by buying a Women’s Rugby subscription and donating it to a women’s team.

Please consider some day having mercy on my weak stomach. I’ll come back. I think others will too.

Eric Seiler

I’m sorry, but get pissed off all you want. I think this is hilarious because it is so incredibly sad. He probably thinks we should also segregate into separate groups by the color of our skin.

In honor of his letter, I dedicate today’s blog to Eric Seiler. And hopefully the rugby gods and goddesses will zero in all balls kicked for touch straight into Eric and his caveman mentality.

Now I’m going to go burn my sports bra …

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4 responses to “Muah-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-HA!!!

  1. Emily

    hmmmmmm guess who’s getting a letter???

  2. Blondie

    Hey all … I’m not going to erase anything, but just remember to stay positive for your sport in everything you do.

    Plus, I would prefer that Mr. Caveman not sue me … or any of our readers. 😉

  3. Blondie

    Okay, I lied … sorry Katy, but I looked at that guy’s page and while it may have been the same guy, there was no absolute proof (like saying he also played rugby) to verify it and it wasn’t the same e-mail address used in the magazine letter, so just to be safe, I erased it.

  4. mutantin

    haha, what a sad comrade that is.
    when i first started to play rugby there was on guy who said: if women ever play rugby in this club, i’ll retire.
    when i came back to the club 10years later (and knwoing there have been at least 2 other women training there) he was still there. i even had to train with him. he never said a word to me.
    these guys are just sad and pathetic people and should be ignored.
    every club that had the honor of female players knows that most of them are more passionate about the game and club life than their male counterparts.
    and if the boys think, they cannot drop their trousers in front of girls or have some other “boy” problem, they better start looking for an other sport.
    womens rugby is here to stay!

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