Rugby Bits & Bites … Post-Stuffing Coma

A mix and mash of what’s happening in the rugby world around us …

• EPRU Collegiate Women’s Players – Spread the Word! You can earn a scholarship to attend a Footwork Camp thanks to the Philly Women. Thanks for the e-mail Lisa!

Julie McCoy is holding an open Footwork Camp in Philadelphia Jan 12-14. The MARFU U-23 program is scholarshiping an outstanding player from last weekend’s U23 LAU tournament, and the Philadelphia Women’s Rugby Club is accepting applications from EPRU collegiate player for a scholarship.

The following letter went out to area colleges last week …

The camp is currently open to players and coaches. Online registration is available at, and spots are going quickly.

On January 12-14th, Philadelphia Women’s Rugby will be hosting a Footwork Camp presented by Julie McCoy, Ellie Karvoski, and Sean Ross. The camp is designed
for ruggers of all experience levels to enhance athleticism, introduce advanced training techniques, and improve confidence and skills needed to win one-on-one situations. The camp will be held in the city of Philadelphia and will begin promptly at 6pm on Friday, January 12, ending at around 2pm on Sunday, January 14th. All participants are required to be present for the entire camp. For more information or to register, go to

Philadelphia Women’s Rugby is offering a scholarship to a local collegiate rugger to attend the camp (value – $275). To apply for the scholarship, please send a written statement of your rugby goals and aspirations as well as a recommendation from a coach that speaks to your training ethic and potential, to no later than December 1, 2006. The camp is intended for athletes who are committed to regular training and are focused on improving their rugby skills.

This camp is an amazing opportunity and will fill quickly. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Ginger Stringer
President, Philadelphia Women’s Rugby Football Club

• And speaking of the Philly Women’s team, the Philadelphia Weekly printed two letters to the Editor in reaction the article “Football is for Pussies” that I posted about here.

Rugby Magazine has it’s monthly online update up … complete with a cover photo of a guy making the “O” face.

Interview with new USA Rugby Chairman Kevin Roberts

— Women’s player profile on Amy Daniels

— And an editorial on the recent championships, which includes a reference to a letter to the editor complaining that Rugby Magazine wastes space by reporting on women’s rugby. And to the writer of this letter I say, you are a sad, sad little man. And I would like to introduce you to my cleats sometime.

And is anyone else waiting from this magazine with “all the news that fits” to just go fully online and charge a subscription that way? Hello?! Of course, that means they might have to update more often and more timely … *sigh*.

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5 responses to “Rugby Bits & Bites … Post-Stuffing Coma

  1. Anonymous

    Did you happen to see the letter in the back of Rugby magazine…a certain gentleman was disgusted with the amount of coverage women’s rugby is receiving-not in a good way…he even included his e-mail address….

  2. Blondie

    No, I haven’t. I stopped my subscription when it expired this year.

    Does anyone have a copy they would like to transcribe into an e-mail?

  3. Meredith

    I’m so angry, I’ll do it. Here’s what he wrote. Prepare to fume.

    Not Fond of Women’s Rugby

    I read an occasional copy of your magazine but have not subscribed for many years. And looking through this month’s issue I am reminded why.

    One reason is that you are no longer the only game in town, as you were for so many years. We Yanks can now get rugby coverage from real-time rugby web-sites, and various TV, cable, satellite and electronic media coverage.

    My primary reason for no longer subscribing, however, is your growing volume of women’s rugby coverage. I hate it; loathe it. Always will.

    Sorry, my fault, my hang-up. But…I’m sure I’m not alone.

    You were always good to me way back when. You kept me connected to the world rugby scene throughout the 70s and 80s when we were in the dark. You were kind enough to publish a few of my comments as well.

    And while we did not always agree on things, I always counted you as an invaluable leader on the American rugby scene. I would always get a rush of excitement when the new Rugby Magazine arrived.

    Maybe there are enough female subscribers to make it feasible to have a Women’s Rugby publication. Heck, if you agreed to segregate things in this manner, I’d even help out by buying a Women’s Rugby subscription and donating it to a women’s team.

    Please consider some day having mercy on my weak stomach. I’ll come back. I think others will too.

    Eric Seiler

    I like to think that he’s very much alone. I like to think that he’s back to rotting beneath the rock he’s been living under for the past 40 years.


  4. AOF

    I once was in an interview for a collegiate sports info job and the gentleman interviewing me gasped when he read on my resume that I played rugby. He remarked, “They let women play rugby?” Since I lack a certain, oh, 5-second delay I responded with, “You know we have credit cards and the right to vote now too.” Yeah…didn’t get the job. Oh well.


  5. Anonymous

    Even worse, he played for the Boston University Men’s Club…ironic that Amy Daniels (Beantown) was featured in the same issue…Wonder how the BU women’s team would feel if they knew this?

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