Thankful …

My brother sent me this pic of Jive Turkeys today. 🙂

I just got home from Thanksgiving with my family. I got up early, 6 a.m., to wake up, get ready and drive to my parent’s house to help my mom get our stuffing and turkey set. This is my favorite part of Thanksgiving, besides spending time with my family. And every year, I eat too much of the stuffing before we even get the turkey in the oven.

My grandma and my aunt joined us. Next week is my grandmother’s 82nd birthday. She’s losing her memory a bit, but her mind’s sharp as a tack the rest of the time. And funny as hell.

After way too much food, we watched The Da Vinci Code (great!) and then The Break Up (Ugh!). After reading both Angels and Demons and The Da Vinci Code (plus some other Dan Brown books), I thought the movie did a good job of conveying the majority of the book. Good movie all around. Tom Hanks is always good.

The Break Up was disconcerting though. They fool you into thinking it’s some kind of romantic comedy and it’s full of enjoyable actors. But it was too close to reliving moments of actual breakups, the main characters run each other through the ringer. Lots of potential, but no follow-through, I guess. As my mom said, well, I’m glad we got that one for free (she had a coupon!).

So, now I’m home alone on a Thanksgiving night in my apartment. My cat was alone all day, so he was right at the door waiting for me. And now we’re in bed, I needed something more positive to fall asleep to, so in honor of the holidays, I’m watching Jim Henson’s Emmit Otter’s Jugband Christmas, one of my very favorite holiday movies from childhood. And further proof how much I love YouTube, a clip from Jugband Christmas of the River Bottom Nightmare Band!

And I’m finishing off the last bit of our eggnog before it goes bad.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. And take a minute for a deep breath and count your blessings tonight …


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