I don’t want Clay’s hand over my mouth either …

While eating my cereal this morning, the Today Show covered some serious news and then fluffy stuff.

In amongst the fluff was a story about perky Regis & Kelly talk-show host and former soap star Kelly Ripa being upset that her guest co-host Clay Aiken (I’m not sure where Regis was) covered up her mouth with his hand. And now Rosie O’Donnell is calling her a homophobe because Kelly said “I don’t know where that hand has been.”

Stepping away from the fact that this isn’t newsworthy at all … or even remotely has any effect on my life other than me taking a moment away from my cereal to saw “ewwwww” when he put his hand on her mouth, I think Rosie is full of it.

Seriously, I don’t care who you are – barring my immediate family members and my boyfriend – I don’t want your hands anywhere near my mouth, face or pretty much most of me. And even then, I still want my family and boyfriend to wash their hands a lot. Lack of basic hygiene and hand-washing is the one of the biggest reasons that germs and illnesses spreads from human to human. I just rubbed hand sanitizer all over my hands, this is how yucky thinking of this is.

[TANGENT: This reminds me of when I bartended and men would come out of our men’s bathroom, clearly having just spent some quality time using our facilities, and then reach into our popcorn machine with their hands and eat the popcorn out of their hands. SICK! Every day this happened. As the bar filled up at night with drunk people, or some of our many colorful vagrants off of State Street coming in for our drink/food specials, it would get worse. Do you even want to know where all of those hands have been? Yup … just in the bathroom! Popcorn at bars has been forever tainted for me … pun intended.]

I saw the clip this morning and it seemed like Kelly and Clay were already having issues comfortably hosting together and that this guy didn’t like how she was asking questions over him. And he’s weird to begin with. I don’t care if he can sing. So it’s rude of him to shut her up. And she was clearly disturbed by it. So maybe she didn’t need to say that she doesn’t know where his hand has been on the air, but still I would be completely grossed out if someone did that to me.

And for fellow fans of cleans hands everyone, good on Kelly Ripa for calling in and yelling at Rosie O’Donnell for trying to turn this into a homophobia thing and not just a cleanliness thing. Plus, ummm, has Clay Aiken officially come out yet? Does this mean Rosie just outed him? Are he and Lance Bass dating? Because that could open up the cute guy that Lance was dating from The Amazing Race for one of my teammates that insists she’s an “Omnivore” when we know’s she’s an “Herbivore”. She and I discussed this over breakfast at Midwests.

And remember, wash your hands. And keep them away from my mouth. Mine and Kelly Ripa’s.

NaBloPoMo: Day 22

UPDATE: Aha! YouTube has the video of Kelly …

And then here’s the Rosie clip with Kelly calling in …

It’s a man disrespecting woman thing according to Kelly and she says “Not everything is homophobic”. And they should bring Sherri Shepperd on full time. She grabbed Rosie’s boob. Now that was funny.

Seriously, I should go home and watch daytime television …



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2 responses to “I don’t want Clay’s hand over my mouth either …

  1. Katy

    i totally concur. hands are gross. even if HE were totally cleanly, he could have touched a handrail recently grabbed by someone with the plague. don’t touch people’s mouths!!! yuck!

  2. Sara

    I agree with you on the Rosie thing. Here she stayed in the closet while she had her talk show, carried on about Tom Cruise and NOW she’s getting bent about homophobia (which the comment was SO NOT) since she’s come out? I’m over it.

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