Strange … Yet Fabulous

Last night, boyfriend and I walked two blocks from my apartment in the cold to watch England defeat South Africa, 23-21, at a bar. In Madison. In Wisconsin. In the United States of America.

We weren’t in a pub in England. Or Australia. Or New Zealand. We were just two blocks from my apartment.

One of the local college bars, right across the street from Camp Randall Stadium, had Setanta and they’ve been showing some of the Fall Tour internationals.

And it was a great game! South Africa had a two try lead, before England rumbled back – including a 19-phase pounding – to take a two-point lead with just eight minutes left. Two diffferent styles of play too.

I liked South Africa’s better … big pack and they used their whole back line. And they had an 18-year-old fullback who could kick the ball like a rocket. And England stayed in the game by keeping possession and just playing this really boring pounding game. I don’t think that ball made it past the centers more than two or three times, and I couldn’t tell if it was just England not passing fast enough or South Africa just being so fast on defense, but just constant crashes, rucks, spin out, crash, ruck, spin out.

And it was even better to watch surrounded by a large portion of our men’s team, a few of my own women’s teammates and players from both our college men’s and women’s teams. Monday Night Football was on and yet, rugby was the audio piped over the whole bar.

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