I’m a sucker for accents …

And when I get an e-mail with the subject “G’day Blondie” … well, my heart goes all a flutter.

Dean (aka Orange Boy), a rugby league player in Queensland, Australia, wrote to me to share the efforts of his team to help a severely injured teammate. And it involves cute guys taking off their clothes. I think we can all agree this is newsworthy. 😉

hi blondie,

i used to play rugby league for the Monto Roos (league team in a small country town in outabck australia). a few years ago one of the players had a car accident and received a severe brain injury. the team pulled together and supported him really well, now they are doing a nude calendar to raise money for the brain injury
association of queensland.

the blog is at www.fullmonto.com, and I am trying to get the word out. it’s a pretty tough gig getting your kit off in front of a camera and given where we live we need support from outside the community to make this a success. i put out a post a couple of days ago about blogging for brains which a few bloggers are responding to. as your blog is very popular I was wondering if we might exchange links or a post or something. if you can see you way clear to assist in anyway the boys and i would be very grateful.

Cheers dean aka the orange boy

So, Dean, I’m adding your link to our sidebar this morning and hope everyone can visit Full Monto and if you have some cash to spare, help out the Mighty Monto Roos in their quest to help save others.

Dean’s also set up a Myspace page – http://www.myspace.com/fullmonto.

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One response to “I’m a sucker for accents …

  1. the orange boy

    hi blondie thanks so much for the support, brain injury is such an important issue. i just wanted to let you know we may you the player’s player of the day and we just uploaded our hottest shots yet. have a great day dean aka the orange boy

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