There are only three days of work this week. That equals Awesome.

Due to my own stupidity, blatant inability to mobilize my own self-discipline and ambition to get things completed early, I will spend these three days stressing out over work I need to finish before Wednesday afternoon. Some of which require information from other persons of which I am sure I won’t collect by Wednesday.

This is all shaping up to just be a spectacular, stress-elevated, rollickin’ good time. And by good time, I actually mean 70-some hours of not having fun at all, mentally smacking myself upside the head for being … myself.

This is the story of my life. I am the queen of last-minute, surviving on just caffeine and adrenaline, no-holds barred, rocketing by the seat of my pants, cross your fingers and hope it all works out, work.

I know that I get this from my mom. 🙂 She does the exact same thing. The idea of starting something early enough that we wouldn’t be running on all cylinders at the last second just doesn’t work. Not in school. Not in our jobs. Not in life.

It just kind of sucks on days like this when I could have little to nothing to do … or GASP! working on projects ahead of when I need to work on them.

So I really need to just shut the hell up and ignore the internet and e-mail for the next 12 hours at least. And that’s what I’m going to do …


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