Long Day … And Mancala

Today was a pretty long day. Full of college football.

I worked the Badger game this morning vs. Buffalo. We won and it was the last regular-season game of the year. I guess Wisconsin will play in the Capital One Bowl down in Orlando on New Year’s.

I came home and boyfriend and I watched part of the Ohio State-Michigan game, cheering for Michigan as the underdogs. Took a break to go grocery shopping and came back to see Michigan losing to the “Poisonous Nuts”. You know Buckeyes are poisonous right?

I didn’t really feel like it, but I had invited over a bunch of the officers of our team to do some planning for this winter/spring and only three girls showed. Some were MIA and one had spent too much time at the football game and called me giggling uproariously to apologize that she couldn’t come because her girlfriend had to come pick her up and take her home … she had had too much fun.

So, the four of talked about various stuff, made some basic plans, decided none of us really wanted to do anything in December and rugby could wait until January and chatted a lot. Low key.

Boyfriend and I talked about going to see the new James Bond flick, but opted to sit home and relax, ended up playing this little game I have called Mancala (wooden board with little stones). But we had to look up directions on the Web first, then got it figured out, munched a little and watched Ludacris on Saturday Night Live. SNL, really not that funny anymore, although there was a character that reminded us of our friend Dennis.

Tomorrow … I have work to do. Boo.


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