I can’t concentrate today. I’m worried about my cat. He’s only four. And usually energetic, feisty and very cuddly.

Last night he was really tired, having problems walking and when he did, he was stiff. Like how I feel on a Sunday after a really rough game. You know, where every movement is a struggle and your whole body is sore and stiff. And he wasn’t really eating either.

This morning was better. He was eating and a bit more cuddly. But still having problems walking. He would sit still for long periods of time. And then slowly stand up and walk a few steps before sitting again. He also avoided any of his usual high perchs and struggled to climb on to his favorite chair.

I think he might have jumped off something too high and hurt his back or legs. It doesn’t help that in the last week my friend Kim had to put her cat to sleep after really expensive trips to the vet and then Emily in Philly blogged that she came home from a conference and found her cat had died.

I’m fairly sure my cat’s not going to die … but since he can’t tell me what’s wrong with him and I’m sitting here stuck at my office all day … well, the worrying will continue. He’s the only pet that I’ve ever had that was solely mine. And anyone who tells me that he’s just a cat can suck it.



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3 responses to “Worried

  1. Emily

    I think it’d be worth the trip to the vet. My cat had no obvious symptoms (if there were any, my lack of animal knowledge missed them) and was only three. Good luck!

  2. Karl

    I had a cat with distemper that had very similar symptoms. If your cat is vaccinated, that shouldn’t be it, but I would still recommend a trip to the vet, and soon.

    Karl O, (K.Klahn’s coach)

  3. Blondie

    I’ll see how he’s doing after work and then if he’s not noticeably better, I’ve already called my vet and asked if they could be fit me in tonight/tomorrow. You’re right Emily, better safe than sorry. Just money after all.

    And Karl, thanks for the heads up, I hadn’t thought of distemper. But thankfully, he hasn’t been around another cat (or any animal) in months and had that vaccine a while back. But I’ll ask at the vet anyway.

    And say hi to Kim for me. And make her run some extra sprints. 🙂 (I couldn’t help that one, Kimmie K.)

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