When the Championship’s won and the season is done …

A few of my fellow bloggers in the Ruckosphere are looking back on the the national championships …

• Rachel’s looking back on her weekend with New York after their won the D-I National Championship. There’s also a picture of the trophy and they boat raced the Quad Rugby team from the movie Murderball … and beat them. 🙂

• Katy and her Pittsburgh teammates finished fourth at the D-II National Championships after losing hard-fought games down in Raleigh, N.C.

• K-Train’s pondering next year’s D-I seedings after this year’s results. And someone let me know if I’m wrong on this, but for the challenge matches, don’t they consider Top-20 teams, not just Top 16? I thought I read that somewhere.

• And thanks to Kelsey who plays for the Raleigh Venom, we have a write-up on the Venom’s games to win the D-II title. Thank you for sharing the rugby love Kelsey. 🙂

The Raleigh Venom defended their Championship by knocking off the Albany Sirens 22-5 in the finals of the 2006 DII Championship tournament, held in Raleigh on November 11-12. On a cold and rainy November day the Venom started off with a run of good procession and pressure that saw them camped out on the Albany line. Albany was called for the infraction in the ruck and The Venom was on the board first with a penalty kick from fullback Caroline Duckworth at 3 minutes 3-0. Play was back and forth with both teams taking every opportunity given to gain ground, but with the slippery conditions no one could make much headway. The Venom had a advantage in the amount of procession and at 33 minutes flanker Calley Gerber crashed over the line to touch down between the post, converted by Duckworth, 10-0, to bring the half to a close.

The second half started with Albany pressuring the Venom in an all-out effort to get on the board. The venom weathered the storm and countered an Albany kick with a kick and chase by wing Heather Ferrell to touch down in the corner at 49 minutes, to bring the score to 15-0. Rain continued to make the day difficult for both sides, throughout the Albany forwards were slamming into the rucks trying to turn the ball over but the Venom held strong and keep the pressure on. After a buildup of phases the Venom were camped out on the Albany line again, and scrumhalf Mary Parker Lastowski took a weak side break to go in untouched and seal the victory with the last Venom try at 71 minutes, converted by Duckworth 22-0. Albany never stopped and were rewarded with a unconverted try from a quick tap penalty at 77 minutes to bring the final score of 22-5 for the Venom.

The Venom advanced to the Finals with a quarter final win over Fort Lauderdale, 77-0, and semi final win over Minneapolis Menegerie 58-0. Albany defeated Naples, 34-3 in the quarters and Pittsburgh in the semi finals 13-3.

I’ve been trying to see what Goff’s written up on the various events this past weekend, but his site hasn’t loaded in three days. Weirdness.

And speaking of sites, has anyone else noticed that Gainline hasn’t been updated for a few weeks? Curious, huh?

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One response to “When the Championship’s won and the season is done …

  1. Jessa

    In regards to challenges, USA Rugby has something posted here: http://www.usarugby.org/championships/registrationForms/ChallengeMatchProcedureDocument-2005-6.pdf

    It’s anything but simple and intuitive though.

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