Memorable Weekend

Just recapping my weekend of being home alone …

Saturday morning, my dad picked me up at my apartment and we picked up my sister at her place on the East Side to go to our local Farmer’s Market. Since it’s getting officially “very cold” outside, the market is now held indoors at our convention center downtown. So the three of us found parking, bought coffees and wandered into and around the market.

It was much smaller and more crowded than the outdoor version. And no summer yumminess, so it didn’t take us too long and we didn’t buy much. But it was still nice to spend the time with my sister and my dad.

Six hours away, my boyfriend was in St. Louis for the Midwest men’s select-side camp and he called me that morning to tell me he had separated his shoulder in one of the starting drills. A second-degree separation. A major bummer, especially since it had happened right away and not even in a game, and then worse, he was now stuck in St. Louis for the rest of the weekend and would just be able to watch all the camp. If he had been in Chicago, I would have gone down and picked him up, but St. Louis is just past a quick drive. So my weekend alone continued …

After the market, my sister wanted to wonder around an art fair going on next door, so Dad and bundled up and walked back to her apartment – just five blocks and along the lake – to get his car and he offered to take me to the grocery store. Quite an adventure … shopping with my dad. It seems he didn’t realize that my idea of grocery shopping and his were vastly different. Even more fun later when he needed to help me carry up my bags to my third-floor apartment. Grumble, grumble, grumble. I just kept reminding him how he would treasure the memory of time with his daughter. šŸ™‚

Since I was supposed to have people over Saturday night, I attempted to seriously clean up my apartment and also made some salsa (yum!), but got sidetracked because The Rock with Nicolas Cage and Sean Connery was on television. My sister was supposed to pick me up at 4 to go see Maggie’s roller derby at 5 p.m., but I was still bumming around at 3:45, so I picked up my cell phone to call my sister and tell her to take her time. Except weirdly enough, she was calling me at the same exact time and neither one of our phones rang, it was just us saying “Hello?!” right away. Weirdness. Kooky sister weirdness.

The roller skating rink where Maggie’s derby was being held wasn’t too far away, so we got there fairly early and lined up to go in. We ended up standing behind this nice guy who seemed to very good friends with all of the Derby girls and he answered some of our questions. He also told us that everyone had been excited about “the rugby girl” trying out (Hear that Mags?). And he liked her derby name … “Cassidy Butch”.

[It should be noted that Maggie spent months trying to figure out her derby name. There’s a national database I guess and you can’t have someone else’s name. But it needs to be fun and original. I offered up several choices (including rugby-esque ones), but alas, all were rejected. She also didn’t like our team’s derby name for her … but we’re still using it!]

So Maggie was drafted to the “best team in the league”, which after seeing the derby Saturday night, I would agree with. Her team is the Reservoir Dolls, so in uniforms resembling the gang in Reservoir Dogs. Black and white with ties. Lots of short skirts, hot pants, naughty underwear, fishnet stockings as well.

And if you know Maggie, this isn’t exactly her idea of fashion. Which only adds to my utter amusement.

The Dolls destroyed the two teams they played against and after my sister and I semi-figured out the rules, we started cheering loudly. It also helped that Maggie knocked a few girls on their asses.

Our rugby coach and his wife sat by my sister and I and he was very excited about this new sport that our team could potentially recruit from. He also asked how Derby could attract so many fans (they typically sell out to 700-800 people who pay to see it) and promotion and why couldn’t our team do this. So I explained that yes, we could promote ourselves better, but it’s a lot of work, and the Derby also had a element of hollywood drama and badass attitude (hello hotpants and peekaboo bras, never mind players named “Stank Girl”, “Thunder Kitten” and “Pocahotass”) that wouldn’t fly as well in our sport. I’m sure that I’ll hear a lot more about this … but seriously, I don’t plan on wearing fishnets to our next match. Maybe hotpants …

It was interesting to note the difference in the overall athleticism of the women in comparison to our rugby team or other sports. There were some very fit women, but there were also quite a lot of larger, less athletic women skating. My sister pointed out that some rugby players don’t look very athletic until you see them on the field though, which I hadn’t though of.

And of course, my brother later asked if I was now going to join a derby team. To which I thought about for a few seconds and decided that while it would be fun to check it out for a day of a practice and a bout, it’s not for me right now. Maggie can be our lone representative. šŸ™‚ But I’m pretty sure I could be a very sneaky badass jammer.

So the derby was very fun. I’m looking forward to taking my boyfriend to see it and our team hopes to all go together to support Maggie soon to a bout. If you haven’t ever seen roller derby, there’s probably a team in your area and you should go check it out.

Afterwards, my sister dropped me off and I finished making some yummy taco fixings before a bunch of my teammates showed up for our first-ever Super Nintendo tournament. Which Dana and Ber handily won in Mario World (turns out Dana was sick with the flu once and spent the entire time winning Mario) and Kim, without any knowledge of actual moves, won Street Fighter II as the sumo wrestler. We capped the night watching Super Troopers (Pinkie and Kim can quote every line, who knew?).

Sunday, I offered to help my dad put up some new fencing for my mom’s patio while she was out of town (she just finished her master’s degree in teaching! Congrats Mom!). Projects like these always seem like they’ll take much less time than they do. Plus it was cold and snowy, which later turned to muddy in the area we were working in.

We were taking down some old wooden fencing and replacing it with new eight-foot wooden panels of privacy fencing, so my parent’s house and their neighbors each gained more quiet. It seemed simple enough until we started realizing we were working on an incline, needed to keep adjusting the heights of the fence, checking the level and eventually having to force some of the structural posts (which were much taller than me) to be more level. Not to mention tearing down and then restacking my neighbor’s wood pile right on the property line.

But really, how many females do you know that are handy with most power tools, know how to build a nice fence and have spent far too many hours of their childhood stacking wood for their dad’s fireplace and now find themselves doing it again as an adult? I would wager not many. This is the kind of stuff that you should be able to put on your resume.

After four hours in the cold and mud, and stopping a few sneakouts from our curious dogs, we finished up the fencing just before it got dark. And then, being a glutton for shopping punishment that I am, I asked my dad to go to Target with me too. Where we wondered around for an hour discussing how’s Target’s food section wasn’t really as cheap as the grocery store but it was okay because now my dad didn’t have to make a separate trip. We putzed until my dad remembered he might have left a candle burning in the house, so we need to race home before mom got home and he got in trouble for it.

All in all, a laidback, but adventurous and memorable weekend spent with friends and family. I haven’t had one of those in a while …

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