Raleigh Venom Wins Second Straight National Championship

Still looking for game details, but I’ve got yesterday’s scores from the D-II Women’s Rugby National Championships and some great photos taken by Pierre Lynch …

Scores via Raleigh Venom
Final Round 11-12-06
7th Place Match
Naples WRFC 30
Fort Lauderdale Iron Maidens 5
Naples wins

5th Place Match
Seacoast WRFC 3
Northern Virginia Piranhas II 0
Seacoast wins with a penalty kick in the 24 minute of extra time

3rd Place Match
Minneapolis Menagerie 12
Pittsburgh Angels 0
Minneapolis Wins

Final to crown the Women’s Division II National Champions
Raleigh Venom 22
Albany Sirens 5
Raleigh Wins

Final Rankings
1. Raleigh Venom
2. Albany Sirens
3. Minneapolis Menagerie
4. Pittsburgh Angels
5. Seacoast WRFC
6. Northern Virginia Piranhas II
7. Naples WRFC
8. Fort Lauderdale Iron Maidens

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