Little Italian Plumbers & Me

This weekend, I am home alone. Well, my cat and I. The boyfriend is driving to St. Louis tonight for his Midwest Rugby Camp (Yeah!).

My cat will finally get his own pillow back.

This afternoon, we’re also supposed to get four inches of snow. I’m now really excited that I biked to work today. Granted it’s less than a mile to my apartment, but a mile in snow on a bike could be tricky. And of course, it’s uphill too. AWESOME!

Tomorrow’s plans are to check in with my dad and make sure he and our dogs haven’t burned my mom’s house down (he’s home alone too!) and if there isn’t a blizzard tonight, help him put some new fencing up along our family’s patio.

More importantly, tomorrow is also my teammate Maggie’s first-ever Roller Derby bout at 5 p.m.!! Thumpsgiving with the Mad Rollin’ Dolls! They have an awesome website, so check it out. Maggie, aka “Cassidy Butch”, will skate tomorrow in her new team’s Friends and Family bout. Maggie is now a Reservoir Doll, her team skates in naughty black/white suits and ties. And despite the fact that she kept telling us we didn’t need to come, I think she will have a large rugby contingent of fans there. Seriously, Mag, like we would miss you wearing fishnet stockings!

But most importantly, tomorrow night after the derby, I’m throwing a party! And we will be having a Super Mario World Tournament at my apartment. Yes, we’ll be busting out my 15-year-old Super Nintendo and competing to save the princess and Yoshi from those evil turtle dudes. I have several very excited friends eagerly awaiting hanging out with Mario and Luigi.

I’ll take pictures of my adventures this weekend, no worries.

Best of luck to everyone traveling to Disney World for the D-1 Women’s Championships and to Raleigh, North Carolina for the D-2 Women’s Championships! I’ll post updates when I can.

NaBloPoMo: Day 10


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One response to “Little Italian Plumbers & Me

  1. Maggie

    sorry to disappoint, but there will be no fishnets for me tomorrow. it’s a warm-up bout, so we’re not wearing our real uniforms — just black shorts and white A-shirts with our names & numbers on the back.

    -Maggie/Izzy/Cassidy Butch

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