Suddenly …

I got really excited – just for a minute – about Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Can you believe Thanksgiving is only two weeks from today? Christmas? Six weeks!

There’s been a commercial on television lately (not political!) with Winter Wonderland playing in the background. So my boyfriend’s been singing it while he walks around the apartment. Until I started singing “walking around in women’s underwear” instead of “walking around in a winter wonderland” because of this silly mock-christmas song they play on a radio station here during the holidays.

So, now we both are walking around softly singing “walking around in women’s underwear” …

NaBloPoMo: Day 9



Filed under holidays, NaBloPoMo 2006

2 responses to “Suddenly …

  1. Anonymous

    Funny… I always find myself singing “Dreaming of sadistic wonderland…”

    “Ohhhh, wouldn’t you like to beat me with a cat-o-nine tails?
    Wouldn’t you like to tie me to a fence?
    Wouldn’t you like to maliciuosly abuse me?
    Let the S & M comence! …

    When you beat me, it’s ecstacy, dreaming of sadistic wonderland.”

    Nice blog.
    5 of XV, Chicago

  2. Blondie

    Yup … that song is way sassier than my version.

    Thanks for visiting!

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